101 Encouraging Words for Kids: Powerful & Positive Things to Say to Kids

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Inside: 101 encouraging words for kids! Words can build kids up, and just as easily tear them down. Use this list to foster confidence and support! This post includes a FREE poster!

If you’ve seen The Help, you’ll likely remember the inspiring words the maid said over and over to the sweet little girl, “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

These loving words of encouragement by the maid/nanny were an attempt to reverse and prevent the psychological damage caused by being constantly berated by her socialite mother.

Your kids are an empty bucket. You choose what you fill them up with.

Words can pump kids up, and they can just as easily deflate them, which is why finding positive things to say to your child matters.

What do you want to fill their bucket with?

Tell a child they are bad, and they will be bad. Tell a child they are good and they will be good.

By brainstorming some encouraging words for kids or positive phrases to say to your child, you can start to fill that bucket with love, kindness, positivity, and confidence.

The evidence is crystal clear that when kids feel warmth and affection from their parents, this has a life-long impact on them.

They develop healthy self-esteem, end up emotionally happier and even less anxious as adults.

Show your child you believe in them by using words of encouragement every day. Kids will feel supported, loved, empowered, confident, and resilient.

So to help you fill that bucket, we’ve listed below 101 positive things to say to kids.

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So let’s get right to it, let’s shower our kids with love, use positive phrases, increase family communication, and empower our kids with a bucket of support and love!

101 (yes, you read that right, 101) positive things to say to kids

Encouraging Words for Kids: Powerful and Positive things to say to kids
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Because we all want our kids to be happy and healthy — not just for right now, but for the rest of their lives.

101 Encouraging Words for Kids

Encouraging Words for Kids: Empowering Kids With Love

1. You are loved

2. You make me smile

3. I think about you ALL the time

4. Your choices matter

5. I believe in you

6. You mean the world to me

7. You are gifted!

8. You are unique!

9. Your laugh is one of the best things about you

10. You can be a great leader

11. You are SO intelligent

12. Wow, what a thoughtful kid you are

13. I love spending time with you

14. You can tell me anything

15. I will love you no matter what

16. I am so proud of you

17. I am proud of the person you are becoming

18. You are kind

19. You are special

20. Tell me about what you are doing

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21. My world is better with you in it

22. It’s fun to do things with you

23. I’m glad you’re here

24. You are beautiful!

25. Your honesty makes me so proud

26. I know you will do GREAT things

27. Follow your heart

28. I’m grateful for you

29. I will always be here

30. The world needs you

31. I love you!

32. I need you!

33. You are amazing!

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Positive Things to Say to Kids to Encourage Effort (And Before Tests)

34. Just keep going and keep trying

35. Not giving up is one of your best traits

36. Participation and effort are more important than winning

37. Don’t give up, and start what you finish

38. The view from the top is spectacular

39. You can ask for help

40. If you believe it, you can achieve it

41. Your mistakes are chances to learn

42. Reach for the stars

43. You are unstoppable

44. Challenges make you stronger

45. Make an effort, NOT an excuse

46. Follow your dreams

47. Take a break and come back to it

48. I love seeing you work together

49. You can always try again

50. You don’t always need to win

51. Think before you act

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Positive Phrases for Kids Battling Anxiety

52. This feeling will pass

53. It’s okay to feel scared, it’s okay to feel sad, and it’s okay to feel angry too

54. Everyone worries sometimes

55. Everyone feels upset sometimes

56. Trust your instincts

57. Nobody is perfect, and that is ok

58. You are MORE than your emotions

59. What you are feeling is normal

60. Work towards solving problems

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61. Don’t think too much

62. Go play!

63. Have fun!

64. Don’t be afraid

65. In time, you will feel better

66. Enjoy the moment!

67. Don’t worry, be happy

68. Let your mind settle, like the sand in the ocean

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Anxiety in Children

Words of Encouragement for Kids Going Through Difficult Times

69. You will get through this

70. You have a kind heart, so always be kind, no matter what.

71. Not all days are bad

72. Stay positive, keep dreaming

73. Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get

74. Nothing call dull your shine: you are beautiful inside and out.

75. Get back up!

76. You are strong

77. Pause, breathe, everything will be okay.

78. I believe in you.

79. This is not the end, but the beginning

80. You got this!

81. You can’t always make everyone happy

82. You will feel better after you get some rest

83. Tell me something that made you smile today

84. The sun will come out tomorrow

85. Always help those who need it

86. Be honest, even if you mess up!

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Positive Things to Say to Kids to Build Self-Esteem and Confidence

87. I see you working really hard

88. Thanks for being a great helper

90. You are one smart cookie

91. There is only one you, so be yourself

92. You can say no!

93. You are learning

94. You are growing

95. I’m proud of you

96. I believe you, I believe in you

97. Your ideas matter

98. I am curious. What do you think?

99. Let’s try it your way.

100. You are a good boy/girl

101. You don’t always need to follow the crowd

…I just can’t stop; here’s a bonus 102…

Treat others the way you want to be treated

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The benefit of using encouraging words for kids

Just think, instead of barking, “Come help empty the dishwater— now!” you could say, “You are a super helpful person; thank you for helping me empty the dishwasher!”

See the shift in tone?

You can sprinkle these positive things to say to kids in many ways throughout your day.

Research proves that the kind of praise we give our children motivates, empowers, and influences them later in life.

pdf affirmations for students

Benefits of Encouraging Words for Kids:

  • It helps kids develop a positive mindset
  • Builds a safe and supportive home life
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Helps kids believe in themselves
  • Develops imagination and fosters creativity
  • Motivates kids to try harder (have you thought about creating a chore chart for kids?)
  • Improves kid’s belief in themselves
  • Effects perseverance, self-confidence, and determination
positive affirmations for kdis

Tips on using positive phrases for kids

Don’t generalize:

Don’t just say, “great job, pal” instead, try saying, “the way you shared that toy with Tommy was very kind.”

Being too general does nothing to help a child identify how their efforts led to doing a good job.

Don’t focus on ability but rather the effort

When we say positive things to kids that focus on effort, we teach kids a growth mindset.

They can then piece together how their effort is compounded to their success, and if they didn’t succeed, how they can improve without feeling like a failure.

And lastly, don’t give too much praise

Giving kids undeserved praise can also result in negative effects down the road.

Don’t give undeserved flattery, which is counterproductive.  Research shows that overpraising decreases motivation and can result in the development of narcissistic kids.

Quick tips for using positive phrases with kids

Experts agree when saying positive words to your child, do the following:

  • Say their name, this gets their attention
  • Don’t speak over the child
  • Use eye contact
  • Get down on their level
  • Be sincere and be honest

Bonus points if you say encouraging words for kids in the following situations:

  • Pick one phrase to say at bedtime each night. (And get even more bonus points if you combine it with one of these 15 mindfulness activities.)
  • If you’ve had a moment of disagreement, deliver an encouraging word out of the blue.
  • Use lunch box notes to connect with your kiddo throughout the day (when you aren’t there). (Lunch box notes are one of my favorite discoveries.)
  • Play mindfulness games.
  • Get down on your kid’s eye level and tell them point-blank something special you love about them.


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Try to sprinkle these positive things to say to your child into everyday conversation. Positive phrases can and will have powerful effects on your kids.

Words have the power to lift your kiddo up, up high into the sky, so that they can dream big and accomplish ANYTHING!

Words matter, so which words will you use today?

where should we send this free poster?

Snag this FREE poster of 101 positive things to say to kids to help your children feel confident and loved! This is positive parenting or teaching at its best! Get it right here!

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Gain access to our library of free printables!

Because we all want our kids to be happy and healthy — not just for right now, but for the rest of their lives.

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