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Hi, I’m Tina!

Welcome to our community of over 80,000 parents, teachers, and practitioners – all passionate about helping children lead a bigger, more meaningful life.

I’m the published author of the growth mindset activity journal Amazing Me and the founder here at Mindfulmazing. When I was looking for resources to help my son cope with his big feelings, I couldn’t find the perfect resources, so I created them, and Mindfulmazing was born.

This is your opportunity to help the kids in your life step into their potential and develop a healthy mindset to help them tackle challenges for the rest of their lives.

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A Note About Mindfulmazing…

Mindfulmazing began in 2018 when Tina began searching for resources to help her son cope with his BIG emotions…Tina had a hard time finding the perfect resources, so she created them, and Mindfulmazing was born. Tina first created the popular eBook Mighty Mindful Kids and has since created a number of printable kits, including the Anxiety Kit for Kids and the Anger Rescue Kit for Kids. Most recently, Tina published the Amazing Me Growth Mindset Activity Journal, now available in stores everywhere. Today, Mindfulmazing’s resources are used in thousands of homes and schools around the world, and the community is growing larger every day. Take a peek through the resources here, peruse the blog, and feel free to ask any questions.

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