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what is mindfulmazing?



At Mindfulmazing, we create positive resources that help kids foster an attitude of gratitude, develop resilience, practice mindfulness, and regulate emotions so they can face life’s challenges with confidence.




Hi, I’m tina.


Mindfulmazing was founded when I was looking for resources to help my son cope with his BIG feelings. When I couldn’t find the perfect resources to help me, I created them, and Mindfulmazing was born.


I’ve been applying positive parenting strategies now for 5 years and can absolutely tell you they have changed my life.

These practices have helped me manage my anxiety and overactive mind, rock the challenges of raising my busy little boy, and cope with stress and home/work life demands. 

And now I help people (like you) use positive parenting, kick-butt routines, and mindfulness to majorly improve HAPPINESS + WELL-BEING while adding peace and calmness to their lives too, with mega freaking results.

 I share strategies and advice for raising mindful, resilient, compassionate kids, plus give you spot on steps to simplify life with kids and tune in to what matters most. 


I’ve got you covered. Snag the FREE Mindfulness Beginner’s Guide, full of easy tips, fillable worksheets, and a 7 day step-by-step action plan to kick start your practice. 

You got this!



what do you need?

Scroll the blog. Here you will find endless information related to mindfulness, meditation, happiness, well-being and so much more.

Training  + books + products to develop your mindfulness practice, so you can start reaping the benefits today.    Yes! It’s totally possible.

 Do you feel your kids are spending waayyy too much time on screens? And trying to pull them away is impossible. Mindfulness for kids will help!

kids who use our resources experience more...

what do you want to conquer today folks?

Mindfulness + Meditation

Self Care + Self Love

Happiness + Fun + Love

Anxiety + Stress + Worry


Grab a warm drink and prepare to relax and catch up

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