discover the magic of raising mindful, resilient, happy kids

Taking care of kids can be tough!
Whether you are a parent, teacher, or practitioner, our resources will help…

Get 12 mini mindfulness exercises! Free.

Discover the magic of raising mindful, resilient, happy kids.

Taking care of kids can be tough!
Whether you are a parent, teacher, or practitioner, our resources will help…

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Hi. I’m Tina!

Ready to create positive momentum with your child that sticks?

I’m the published author of the growth mindset activity journal Amazing Me and the founder here at Mindfulmazing. When I was looking for resources to help my son cope with his big feelings, I couldn’t find the perfect resources, so I created them, and Mindfulmazing was born.


FAMILY LIFE – Guides, Routines, Family Fun

We all know it takes a village! Here you will find everything from family fun, routines, self-care, and mindfulness, along with tons of helpful buying and instructional guides.


Here at Mindfulmazing, we are obsessed with positive parenting. If you are looking for positive discipline techniques, mindfulness, gratitude, self-esteem, confidence, and goal-setting, it’s ALL here.


We all know that little children have VERY big emotions. And until their brains mature and are better able to reason, it’s our job to help them learn appropriate coping skills. Here’s the thing, we can help our children develop healthy coping skills, skills that will not only help them right now but skills that will stay with them throughout their entire lives.


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We love our products, and we think you will too!

Our shop is filled with printable resources to help you calm the chaos and assist your amazing little humans to believe in the amazing little humans they are. Our resources are used in over 25,000 homes, classrooms, and therapy offices. Take a look at some of our favorites (click the picture for more details)…

Amazing Me Journal


Confidence Kit for Kids


Positive Affirmations


Anxiety Kit for Kids


Brain Breaks


Calm Down Cards


Positive Parenting Handbook


Mighty Mindful Kids


Get the BEST kids journal!

Our newly published journal Amazing Me is finally available. Get it anywhere you buy books

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Positive Parenting Bundle

  • $37.00
  • 1 ebook, 6 video lessons, 16+ full-size printable resources
  • Instant access, lifetime use

Put the FUN back into parenting with this one-of-a-kind Positive Parenting Toolkit, loved by hundreds of happy parents, your one-stop shop to quickly create a calm, happy home without eating up your entire day, or breaking the bank.

Get the best kids journal

  • $19.00
  • 150-page journal, full size, full color, premium paper for the home, classroom, or therapy office
  • Delivered right to your doorstep

Amazing Me is a one-of-a-kind activity journal that takes kids on a journey of self-discovery as they learn the social-emotional skills needed to tackle everything that can (and will) come up in life.

calm Confident Kids Bundle

  • $27.00
  • Everything you need to raise calm, confident kids
  • Instant access, lifetime use

The Calm Confident Kids Toolbox cuts through all the fluff and gives teachers, practitioners, and parents anywhere, on any budget, the power to transform their classrooms and families TODAY. Real parents, real teachers, real results.

We help kids from all around the world.

We are so humbled that our resources are now used in over 15,000 schools, homes, and therapy offices. Our community has grown to 30,000+ and still climbing!

What parents and teachers are saying…

Before the Positive Parenting Toolkit, I lost my patience with my littlies more often than I care to admit. This toolkit has everything you need to flip the switch. I’m still working on it but I couldn’t have come as far as I have without this toolkit.
Randa Derkson
Mindfulmazing really helped me connect with my two spirited boys. I rave to anyone I know with young kids about this site. Thank-you.
Lindsay Evans

I teach grade one and chaos comes with the territory. Mindfulmazing has EVERYTHING you need to give kids the tools to handle their emotions in a positive way.
S. Wayne (Grade 1 Teacher)
My kids are learning so much from the engaging exercises, especially the exercises in the Anger Rescue Kit. I also love how the Positive Parenting Handbook walks me through everything I need to confidently use positive discipline in my home.”
– Jen McConaghie (This Time of Mine)
Jen McConaghie (This Time of Mine)