Free Printable Coloring Calendar for Kids in 2024

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Inside: As we step into 2024, we are thrilled to introduce our latest freebie – a Free Printable Coloring Calendar for Kids! 

Happy New Year! 

We are dishing out these absolutely FREE calendar coloring pages – and let me tell you, they are anything but your average, snooze-fest calendars.

These babies are designed with the cutest and most captivating themes that are just perfect for kids of all ages. 

Talk about an excellent value – these calendars are here to make every day a little brighter and a whole lot more fun for your little ones.

Get ready to add some serious pizzazz to your routine with these eye-catching, attention-grabbing calendars.

Mindfulness activities for kids preview set.

Gain access to our library of free printables!

Because we all want our kids to be happy and healthy — not just for right now, but for the rest of their lives.

Why a Coloring Calendar?

Coloring is more than an activity – it’s a form of expression, a stress reliever, and a path to mindfulness. 

Now, hold onto your hats because our free printable calendar is the superhero of calendars! It’s where the thrill of coloring meets the nuts and bolts of daily planning. It’s not just super fun; it’s educational for our kiddos, too.

Imagine this: jotting down those important dates and special events, all while giving your kids a crash course in the seasons, months of the year, and days of the week – and all in the most fun way possible!

It’s like sneaking veggies into their spaghetti – they learn, have fun, and don’t even realize it! 

Let’s make learning a blast with our free calendar – because who said practical can’t be playful? (Snag these free calendars at the end of this post!)

free coloring calendars for kids 2024

What’s Inside the Calendar Package?

Our Free Printable Coloring Calendar for 2024 includes:

  1. 12 Monthly Calendar Designs: We’ve got a calendar for all months of the year. Each month comes with a unique, kid-friendly design waiting to be brought to life with colors. From January’s winter wonderland to December’s festive cheer, each page is a new adventure.
  2. 12 Blank Calendars for Drawing: Unleash your child’s creativity with blank calendar templates. These pages invite kids to sketch, doodle, and create their own monthly themes.

Key Features:

  • PDF File – Instant Download: Easily accessible and ready to use right after download.
  • Letter Size (8.5×11 inches): Perfect for standard printers and convenient for kids.
  • 12 Months: A whole year’s worth of monthly calendars.
  • Combination of Blank and Designed Pages: Offers both creative freedom and engaging pre-made designs.
  • High-Quality Graphics: Ensures clear, crisp printing for a great coloring experience.
  • Educational Value: Helps teach children about calendars, dates, and planning in a fun way.

Printable coloring pages included:

  • January Calendar
  • February Calendar
  • ​March Calendar
  • April Calendar
  • May Calendar
  • June Calendar
  • July Calendar
  • August Calendar
  • ​September Calendar
  • October Calendar
  • ​November Calendar
  • December Calendar

​Download your printable calendar pages here.

Download 12 monthly calendars for kids, along with 12 blank calendars.

How to Use the Free Coloring Calendar?

Here are a few creative ways parents and teachers can use these coloring calendars:

  1. Monthly Planning Sessions: Kick off each month of the year with a fun coloring session. Parents can use this time to chat with their kids about upcoming events like family trips or birthday parties, while teachers can highlight classroom activities and field trips. It’s a great way to get kids excited about what’s coming up!
  2. Learning Tool: Teachers can incorporate the calendars into lessons about time, seasons, and months. For younger kids, it’s a playful way to introduce concepts like yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Parents can reinforce these lessons at home, turning daily planning into a learning game.
  3. Personalization and Responsibility: Encourage kids to mark their own important dates, like tests or sports events. This not only personalizes their calendar but also teaches them responsibility and planning. For added fun, use stickers or different colored markers for different types of events.
  4. Art Projects: Both in the classroom and at home, the calendars can be used as art projects. Once a month is over, the colored pages can be displayed as artwork, celebrating the children’s creativity and effort.
  5. Emotional Expression: Use the calendar as a way for kids to express their feelings. They can color days in different colors based on their mood or write a word that describes their day. This can be a subtle way for parents and teachers to keep track of the child’s emotional well-being.

These calendars offer a blend of fun, education, and practicality, making them a versatile tool for both parents and teachers.

free printable calendar for kids

Download your printable calendar pages here. Note: These are for personal use only.

Final Thoughts on Free Printable Coloring Calendars for Kids in 2024

Our Free Printable Coloring Calendar for Kids in 2024 is a practical, fun, and free resource for parents and teachers on the lookout for something that adds a little extra value to their daily routine.

In a world where everything seems to come with a price tag, we’re happy to offer something genuinely free and useful. This calendar is our way of giving back, providing a simple tool that can help organize the chaos of daily life while also offering a creative outlet for kids. 

Teachers can use it as a handy classroom resource, adding a splash of fun to the monthly planning. Parents, it’s something to help keep track of those endless important dates, with the added bonus of keeping the kids occupied for a while. And let’s be real – a bit of quiet time while the kids are absorbed in coloring isn’t a bad thing!

So, here’s to a 2024 that’s a little more organized, a bit more colorful, and hopefully, just a touch more fun. Download the Free Printable Coloring Calendar and add a bit of straightforward value to your year.

​Download your printable calendar pages here.

Download 12 monthly calendars for kids, along with 12 blank calendars.

Here’s to 2024! Happy Coloring and Planning! 🎨📆

12 free printable coloring calendars

Gain access to our library of free printables!

Because we all want our kids to be happy and healthy — not just for right now, but for the rest of their lives.

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