11 Wondrous Visual Routine Charts For Kids — That You Need!

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Inside: A summary of why routine charts are so helpful for kids, plus we’ve scoured the web for the best free and paid morning routine charts for kids.

Still searching for a fun and helpful routine chart so you can stop chasing your unfocused kids around the house each morning like your hair is on fire?

Choose any one of these brilliant morning routine charts for kids, and you won’t be late for school or work ever again.

On the same note, perhaps you are searching for a bedtime routine chart to help get kids in bed tear-free.

These blissful charts will become the backbone of your morning and evening.


Stop fighting your spirited little munchkins EVERY.STEP.OF.THE.WAY and instead boost confidence and cooperation as young kids take responsibility for their morning and bedtime routines.

Here’s the thing:

There are MANY routine charts for kids out there.

There are thousands, really.

Well, I’m here to do the hard lifting for you because I’ve scoured the net for the best morning routine charts for kids, bedtime routine charts for kids, and morning routine charts for toddlers. I’ll tell you exactly where to find them.

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Because we all want our kids to be happy and healthy — not just for right now, but for the rest of their lives.

What Are Routine Charts For Kids?

For those who may not know, a routine chart lists tasks for your child to work through in order, each morning and evening.

A typical morning routine chart will have tasks such as:

  • Brushing teeth
  • Getting dressed
  • Eating breakfast
  • Making their bed
  • Grabbing their backpack

A typical evening routine chart will have tasks such as:

  • Eating Dinner
  • Cleaning up toys
  • Bath and potty time
  • Brushing Teeth
  • Putting on Pajamas
  • Storytime
  • Lights out

Some daily charts for kids will allow you to customize to choose exactly what your child needs to have a successful morning and evening.

To some, these charts may seem simple or insignificant. But I’m here to tell you, these are little charts with big possibilities.

You can change the entire flavor of the day. Not to mention the benefits will last into your kiddo’s future too.

Little chart, BIG possibilities. Still searching for a fun and helpful routine chart so you can stop chasing your unfocused kids around the house each morning like your hair is on fire? These blissful charts will become the backbone of your morning and evening. Stop fighting your spirited little munchkins EVERY.STEP.OF.THE.WAY and instead boost confidence and cooperation with our customizable morning and evening printable routine charts. 34 different task cards to create the routine dreams are made of!

Why Transitions Are Tough for Kids

While kids of all ages greatly benefit from routines, they work extremely well for younger kids.

Youngers kids often struggle with transitions. They can’t jump from one task to the other the way older kids can.

Transitions require shifts in flexible thinking, which is hard for many young kids (and even adults).

Not to mention, toddler life is all about fun. They have zero concept of time. This, in and of itself, is a recipe for disaster. Especially when you are trying to get out the door in the morning or calm a child down for sleep.

(We have two epic guide’s you might love):

  1. 7 Ways to Create a Stress-free Morning With Kids
  2. Create a Healthy Bedtime Routine (Tear-free)

must have

Invite your child or student into a warming calming corner space or create an engaging calm-down binder. These beautiful resources teach angry, overstimulated, overwhelmed, or upset children emotional awareness, and provide useful calm down strategies to help them navigate these difficult feelings.

Calm Down Corner

Why Routines Are Great For Kids

Routines create predictability and give kids a sense of security and help them develop self-discipline.

Children are often afraid of everything from loud noises, a new vegetable, monsters under the bed, or mommy going away for a night.

These unknowns are VERY stressful for kids.

A predictable routine gives kids a security blanket in a BIG scary world of unknowns (most of which are out of their control).

And would you rather coast through your mornings and evenings calmly knowing precisely what task to do next? Or, would you rather run around the house like your hair is on fire?

A routine chart sets the tone for the entire day.

Routines ultimately help kids feel safe and develop coping mechanisms, which will help them tackle change and unknowns as they arise going forward.

And we’d be lying if we said it was all for the kids. A routine chart will also save your sanity when transitioning through those tough times of day! Routines help minimize parent-child struggles.

Chore charts are also a great way to promote independence and foster confidence in kids. Hop over here to snag your free customizable chore chart for kids.

How Routine Charts Help Children:

Routine charts aren’t just any boring old chart. Here’s a snapshot of their magical powers:

  • Breaks down tasks into easy-to-follow steps
  • Provides structure
  • Teaches independence (kids know what is expected of them)
  • Prevents meltdowns
  • Provides helpful reminders (that don’t come from you)
  • Builds stronger family connections
  • Helps ease transition troubles
  • Teaches time management and how to establish healthy habits (all while decreasing anxiety). #momwin.
  • Creates a set of rules (that aren’t yours) it’s on the chart so it the law 

Visual schedules are especially helpful for kids on the autism spectrum, children with ADHD, sensory issues, or other special needs.

Kids need structure.

Bottom line.

Dani Kaufman says,

‘They know what to expect when they go home, and it provides them with clear boundaries, expectations, and consistency.’

I’m not saying you morph into a drill serjeant and bark orders left, right, and center. This should be something that your kids enjoy and something they can easily complete and feel good about it.

It has been shown that good routines can help over-all health. You will have a calmer child in the mornings and just a genuinely easier morning.

(And if you grab a handy bedtime routine chart for kids, you’ll have better evenings too).

It will make them feel more independent and accomplished. Most standard charts even have pictures to give a fun visual of the task.

Northwestern Medicine has a wonderful article that goes a little more in detail on these charts’ health benefits, but right now let’s look at a few things you should consider before making a decision on the best routine chart for you.

routine charts for toddlers

Things to consider before choosing a routine chart for kids

There are hundreds of sites around the web that have wonderful morning and evening routine charts.

You have three options:

  1. Download a free chart, print and customize
  2. Purchase a premium printable routine chart to print and customize
  3. Purchase a chart from Amazon for a higher price point.

A few supplies that will come in handy:

  1. Printer
  2. Dry erase markers
  3. Card stock paper
  4. Self-adhesive magnets
  5. Velcro adhesives
  6. Laminator
Routine Charts for Kids (Morning and evening daily charts)

11 Of The Best Printable Routine Charts For Kids

Below are eleven of my favourites from around the web.

1. Mindfulmazing’s Routine Charts for Kids

These blissful charts will become the backbone of your morning and evening.

So stop fighting your spirited little munchkins EVERY.STEP.OF.THE.WAY and instead boost confidence and cooperation as young kids take responsibility for their morning and bedtime routines.

This particular set includes 4 color variations, (2 morning routine charts), and (2 bedtime routine charts), 34 task cards, and detailed instructions on how to best use your chart to create peaceful mornings.

I recommend laminating and using velcro to attach and change around the daily task cards.

Pro Tip

One of the best sites out there to find many different routine charts is teacherspayteachers. They have many kinds of charts for all ages on the site. (Morning routine charts, bedtime routine charts, chore charts). Some are free, while some may require a small fee to buy the rights to the work.

2. Great Fruit Routine Chart

routine charts for kids

This is a versatile morning routine chart and bedtime routine chart (with two different layouts) created by Great Fruit.

Not only can you pick through the 100 labeled routine cards, but there are also 25 blanks cards just in case there is a specific task you’d like to add.

The task cards are brightly illustrated with fun pictures. (Beneficial for kids too young to read and also adding a boatload of fun.)

It does cost $9.00, but you get the digital download and can print it as many times as needed.

You can buy and download the chart here – Great Fruit – Routine Chart

3. The Naturally Creative Classroom

routine charts for kids

Next, we have another fun chart from Teachers Pay Teachers created by The Naturally Creative Classroom.

This chart is free.


There are only 23 labeled routine cards and no blank ones. The cards are super cute!

If you want a simple chart option to print, cut out, and possibly laminate. This might be the chart for you!

You can download it here – The Naturally Creative Classroom – Routine Chart

Pro Tip

Another amazing place to find high-quality routine charts is Etsy. They have many kinds of charts for all ages on the site. (Morning routine charts, bedtime routine charts, chore charts).

4. Arrows and Applesauce

routine charts for kids

This printable morning routine chart (and evening routine chart) was created by Kristen B., Owner of Arrows and Applesauce on Etsy.

This routine chart is completely customizable by attaching Velcro stickers to the paper.

(And bonus points if you laminate).

Your child will finish a task and move it to the “Done” area. (It includes 35 different tasks) and works well for young children and teens.

This chart is the best seller on Esty, with over 2,000 reviews.

It cost $5.00 for the digital download.

You can purchase and download it here – Arrows And Applesauce – Routine Chart

5. JennaKate – Magnetic Dry Erase Routine Chart for Kids

routine charts for kids

This simple routine chart is a MUST for kids!

Make routines fun and help your preschooler remember what they must do every day without having to nag!

Tired of forgetting to remind them to get their tasks and responsibilities taken care of?

Your Jennakate routine chart for toddlers is the perfect solution and our recommended choice if you don’t want to print a chart and customize yourself.

Snag this copy here at Amazon.

6. Wall Charts by Nataly Pu

morning routine chart for kids

Another brightly illustrated chart for kids on Esty definitely worth mentioning was created by Nataly Pu, Owner of Wall Charts.

This chart is honestly the Rolls Royce of Etsy routine charts for kids and routine charts for toddlers. It includes bedtime routine charts and morning routine chart options.

You get over 100 routine cards that are actually editable, but this particular morning routine chart also comes with blank ones.

You will need to laminate and attach Velcro to each card.

This chart is rated A+ for price, quality, and options.

This chart is $3.50, which is an excellent price, considering the number of cards you get.

You can purchase and download it here – Wall Charts – Routine Chart

7. What Moms Love

free routine charts

What Moms Love is one of my favourite mom blogs.

They recently released a free morning routine chart that is gorgeous.

It is a simple chart with 28 magically illustrated routine cards and 12 blank ones.

It is also free, which makes it even better.

You can download it here – What Moms Love – Routine Chart

8. The Incremental Mama

printable routine charts

I can’t have a routine chart guide without mentioning The Incremental Mama.

This is another one of my favorite mom bloggers.

I’m signed up for her email newsletter, and somehow every week, she hits me right in the heart. It’s like she’s in my head.

This chart is not illustrated but has spots for you to write in, making it fully customizable.

It is colorful while not having illustrations so that bigger kids can feel a bit more grown-up.

This chart is also free, and its simple design doesn’t need anything more than simple printer paper.

The Incremental Mama also has awesome paid routine chart options available.

You can find it here – The Incremental Mama – Routine Chart

9. Momtastic

daily routine chart

Kimberly Michelle from Momtastic created a simple morning routine chart with pictures and numbers.

You can find it here – Momtastic – Routine Chart

10. The Organized House Wife

morning routine charts

How about this sweet morning routine chart from The Organized House Wife.

This chart has three different versions to choose from and seven color options. This is nice if you have multiple children so that each chart can feel different.

There are only a few tasks on this chart, and they do not get marked off. It is more of a friendly reminder.

It is illustrated and also has words for any age of kids.

The chart only costs $4.95 for digital rights.

You can find it here – The Organized House Wife

11. Premade Routine Charts for Kids for Print and Go

Routine Charts for Kids

Last but not least, is another magical daily chart for kids created right here at Mindfulmazing.

This set includes a morning routine chart and an evening routine chart. These charts are premade, so you can just print and go.

Laminate and use a dry erase marker or Velcro the checkmarks to the chart.

Final Thoughts

It truly does not matter if you buy one, download one for free, or make your own routine chart. All charts will all greatly benefit your children while also reducing your stress in the mornings.

Never be late for school or work again (and even create peaceful bedtimes) by implementing a proven method for keeping kids on task.

Take a deep breath and rest easy, knowing you are one step closer to raising independent kids.

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