30 Best Party Games for Kids – Skyrocket Your Next Party From Boring to Blast-Off

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Inside: The top party games for kids including outdoor party games, indoor party games, treasure hunt party games, and water party games. Your next kid’s party will be smooth sailing (and a hit) with this epic list of super fun kid’s party games!

Whether it’s a birthday, sleepover, or just a casual weekend party, there’s ALWAYS a need for kids’ party games and ALWAYS a reason to have a little fun.

But here’s the thing:

The planning that goes into the party, takes time, patience, and money.

My head swirls just thinking about a house full of energetic six-year-olds hopped up on birthday cake and excitement.

But it’s going to be okay.

And that’s what we’re here for, to take the load off and make this super duper easy for you.

And here’s the best part:

We’ve compiled a list of the very best party games for kids that are twice the fun and half the cost.


Below we will look at everything you need to create the kid’s party fairytales are made of. We scoured the net for the best 30 kids’ party games.

What to do with kids at a party?

There are so many options for fun things to do with kids at a party. But you can’t go wrong with fun kids’ party games. Implement a theme for your party. For example, if you are doing a spiderman themed party, consider creating a spiderman treasure hunt, where kids could search for spiderman themed items and the winner could get a spiderman action figure.

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Kids’ Games for All Types of Parties

Games are an easy way to optimize a limited amount of time while also helping children bond and build necessary social-emotional, cognitive, language, and self-control abilities according to the American Academy of Pediatrics report ‘The Power of Play.’

Circumstances may call for different sets of games (if it’s cold and rainy or hot and sunny) or a mix of games depending on other factors, such as difficulty and the age of your guests.

Here are some popular choices when building your game repertoire:

  • Outdoor: Outdoor kids games usually consist of games that allow kids to move around in a wide-open space (and expend energy). Outdoor games are best with medium to large groups that like to move around. They make perfect birthday party games since usually there are more kids.
  • Indoor: Whether it’s due to bad weather or a particular theme, many parties are held inside. Indoor kid’s games are best for small to medium groups and events where children will not have much space for running around.
  • Water: While it’s technically an outdoor activity, water games are usually done in the summer or during warmer weather, depending on where you live. They are best played outside on hot days for small to large groups that like to get wet.
  • Treasure Hunts: Not only can you have both indoor and outdoor treasure hunts but if you want to spruce up your party, you can create a themed search. The hunts work great with small to large groups that like to explore.

Perfect for your next kiddo’s birthday party, fun family night, or engaging classroom activity. Look no further than this classic game with a twist! Gratitude Bingo is the PERFECT way to have fun and cultivate a growth mindset.

Gratitude Bingo Cards
the best party games for kids

For Parties Full of Fun in the Sun (Outdoor Party Games for Kids)

Whether having your kid’s party in the park or the yard, the following outdoor party games can be a great help in filling in the gaps between arrival time and cake.

Masquerade Relay Race

Description: Relay races call for team members to take turns getting through different parts of the course until they reach the next member—the first team whose member finishes the relay becomes the winner.

Set-up: Split your group into two or three teams, depending on the number of kids you have. Place boxes of dress-up clothes (one set in each box) at each end for the individual teams.

Instructions: The first player of each team will run to the box, dress-up over their clothes, and run back. Once back to their team, they’ll take off the dress-up clothes, and the next member will put them on and run to the box to take them off and run back to their team. This goes on until the last member returns to the team.

Required Supplies: A variety of dress-up clothes, wigs, glasses, etc.

Outdoor games for kids birthday party

Ninja Obstacle Course

Description: With fun tasks, kids can conquer the course working individually or as a team.

Instructions: Decide how many obstacles you want and set up in advance. Some obstacles include floating steps, going around cones, ladder run, balance beam, etc.

Required Supplies: Depending on the obstacles, you’ll need cones, a ladder, and a beam. You could always purchase an obstacle course set like this one.

Spoon Race

Description: This is a game that requires a little extra coordination. Groups race each other while carrying an object on a spoon.

Set-up: Split your kids into groups and decide if you want one member to go at a time from each group or for all the kids to line up and go simultaneously.

Instructions: Put an egg, water balloon, or superball onto each spoon and have them race to the finish. The more it rolls around, the better! For teams, have the first member get to the designated spot and come back to hand off the spoon.

Required Supplies: Spoons and eggs, water balloons, or super balls. (The superballs can go home with kids as party favors, too!)

best party games for kids

Balloon Waddle

A relay race with a twist—kids have a balloon between their legs while running to the finish line. If the balloon falls or pops, then they must start over.

Instructions: Have enough balloons (with a few extras) and decide on the finish line location. They can play as individuals or in teams.

Required Supplies: Balloons

Limbo (Mindfulmazing’s A+ Party Game for Kids)

Description: All kids love a little limbo competition. They can show off their flexibility and some cool moves.

Instructions: Limbo is so easy, that’s why it’s perfect for kids’ parties. Have two adults (or older kids) hold a broom and the kid’s limbo underneath it. Keep lowering the broom until the kids fall down!

Required Supplies: All you need is a broom or limbo pole and a limber body.

kids birthday party games

Three Legged Race

Description: A three-legged race is about as much to watch as it is to play! This game is great for physical activity and helping kids with teamwork skills. Kids will need to communicate and work together in order to win the race.

Instructions: Have two partners stand together shoulders to shoulder. Tie their inside legs together. Assign a starting point and a finishing point. If you have enough room let all the teams run at the same time. Some fun variations are to blindfold the kids or have them hold balloons.

Required Supplies: Bandanna, rope or another piece of fabric to tie legs together, stopwatch

Pro Tip

If you love kid’s activities, check out this amazing Kindness Rocks activity or these super fun gratitude trees.

Indoor Party Games for Kids or Rainy Day Play

Not all parties happen during the summer, so we had to find a way to make being inside fun, right? Here are some exciting games to try at your next indoor party.

Indoor kids party games

The Fox and the Hen

Description: While sitting in a circle, kids will pass around stuffed animals. The game ends when the fox catches the hen.

Instructions: Have the hen and fox start on opposite sides of the circle. Decide on the direction and have kids pass the fox and hen around until the fox can catch the hen.

Required Supplies: Fox and hen stuffed animals (Or cat and mouse – any pair of classic frenemies will work!)

The Feather Challenge

Description: Hand out colorful feathers to each player, and they must see who can keep their feathers in the air the longest.

Instructions: Give each child a feather and have them keep their feather up by blowing on it. The last feather floating wins.

Required Supplies: Feathers

Gratitude Bingo

Perfect for your next kiddo’s birthday party, fun family night, or engaging classroom activity. Look no further than this classic game with a twist! Gratitude Bingo is the PERFECT way to have fun and cultivate a growth mindset.

What/Who Am I?

Description: Each participant has an object or person on a paper taped to their forehead. They ask other members questions to figure out who/what they are.

Instructions: Tape a piece of paper to each child’s forehead and let them go around asking each other questions to guess what they are. The only question that they can’t ask is, “What am I?”

Required Supplies: Pieces of paper with different people/objects written on them, tape

indoor kids party games

Face Cookie

Description: Each person gets a cookie on their face and must try to eat it.

Instructions: Give children a cookie to put on their forehead. Have them work the cookie down to their mouth. The first person to eat the cookie without dropping it wins.

Required Supplies: Cookies

7 additional indoor party games (click for instructions) sure to bring smiles to everyone’s face.

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Wet Party Fun for When It’s Hot Outside (Water Party Games for Kids)

Hot weather and water go together like vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. They are made for each other. Check out the following game ideas to keep your kids from sweating through their next gathering.

There’s a Hole in my Bucket

Description: Using buckets with holes and water makes this game a winning outdoor activity.

Instructions: Use a bucket with a hole to get water over to your team’s bucket. Switch members and keep going until the team’s bucket is filled up.

Required Supplies: Two buckets with holes in the bottom, large water containers, and buckets

Water Balloon Pinata

Description: This game is excellent when the sun is beaming!

Instructions: Hang water balloons where kids can reach and have them try to pop the balloons.

Required Supplies: Water balloons, string

Water games for kids birthday parties

Water Balloon Dodge Ball

Description: This game is a twist on a classic gym activity.

Instructions: First, you’ll want to fill up plenty of water balloons with enough water that they will break on contact. Place water balloons in the middle of the yard and use cones, flags, or tape to separate the yard for Team A and B. Split opponents into two teams and have players race to the center to get water balloons. Those who are hit with a balloon that breaks are out. The last member standing determines the winning team.

Required Supplies: Water balloons and tape, cones, or flags

Hot “Water” Potato (Mindfulmazing’s Favourite Outdoor Party Game for Kids)

Description: Keep the fun going while also playing a game that involves sitting and listening to music before you get wet.

Instructions: After you fill a few water balloons, have everyone sit in a circle in the yard. Give one player a water balloon and, like the game Hot Potato, have players pass the balloon while the music is on. The twist? The person holding the balloon when the music stops has to pop the balloon above their head! Keep going until only one player is left.

Required Supplies: Water balloons, music

Indoor or Outdoor Treasure Hunt Party Games for Kids

Kids young and old can get a kick out of these nifty treasure hunts either as teams or individuals.

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Perfect for your next kiddo’s birthday party, fun family night, or engaging classroom activity. Look no further than this classic game with a twist! A Gratitude Scavenger Hunt is the PERFECT way to have fun and cultivate a growth mindset.


Scavenger Hunt

Description: By using various items you already own or have outside, kids can work together to find the hidden treasure with clues on their map.

Instructions: Give each group their map and have them find various hidden treasures.

Required Supplies: Miscellaneous indoor and outdoor items

Flashlight Treasure Hunt

Description: This game is best to play when the sun goes down (or in the basement with the lights off). Use flashlights to find hidden items.

Instructions: Give each team a flashlight and list of items to find. The first team to find all their items wins.

Required Supplies: Flashlights, glow in the dark items

kids party games - best birthday games

The Hunt for Color

Description: This hunt involves searching for various colors, and you can modify this scavenger hunt so both young and old children can have fun.

Instructions: For younger audiences, you can have them search for objects using basic colors. For an older crowd, colors can be broken down so they can find the different hues in each color group. The group that locates an item in all color groups first wins!

Required Supplies: Paper with at least nine colors listed, more or fewer can work depending on group size and age.

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  7. Gratitude Party Bingo

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Before You Go – Final thoughts on Party games for Kids

From birthday parties, afternoon family fun, or classroom games, party games can take your party to the next level of fun while also creating lasting memories for your kids (and you).


The kids may have SO much fun they’ll want you to plan and throw ALL the parties.

Have ideas for great low-cost, high-fun party activities for little ones? Let us hear them!

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