60 Fall Bucket List Ideas For Kids And Families

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Oh, the earthy smells of fall!

And it’s not just pumpkin spice and fresh apple cider! That delicious smell is everywhere (it’s fall-ilicious), and it certainly inspires us to get out there and stroll through a pumpkin patch!

So speaking of pumpkin patches, let’s talk about fall activities! (Because it’s one of the best times of the year!)

We’ve all heard of a summer bucket list, the bright and sunny things you and your family want to do before school starts.

But why does summer always have to take the main stage?

There are SO many great activities available during the fall, from apple orchards to haunted houses.

So let’s jump in with 60 fall bucket list ideas for kids and families that I love!

fall bucket list activities for kids
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Fall Bucket List

What exactly is a fall bucket list? 

Gather all your favorite activities from this list: think about outdoor and indoor activities, family time, crafts, and delicious fall snacks.

Think of this as a fall to-do list or a fall MUST DO list.

Fall bucket lists can make planning your fall weekends effortless and give your family some fun and meaningful things to do!

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Fall Bucket List Ideas for Kids – Outdoor Activities

1. Visit a Local Farm

Visiting a local farm is always a cock-a-doodle-doo do good time (especially during the fall.)

fall bucket list ideas

Farms often have an entire fall family experience, from hay rides, apple picking, cider donuts, haunted houses, and more.

Support a local farm and visit one during the fall! 

2. Go “Leaf Peeping”

If you are lucky enough to live where the leaves change colors, take a moment to take in this spectacular presentation of mother nature!

Informally this is called leaf peeping, and some people will travel great distances to see the best display of autumn colors.

leaf peeping

Many news and radio stations let” viewers and “listeners know when “peak peeping” is and where to find the best views.

Consider a road trip if you do not live close to the best leaf-peeping areas! 

3. Make a Giant Leaf Pile

And while on the topic of leaves: a must-do is to rake the lawn and create a giant leaf pile to dive into.

fall bucket list

Consider a leaf pile variation game: Instead of making one big leaf pile to jump in, make a few smaller piles and encourage your kids to jump from one pile to the next without touching the ground!

I don’t know why, but this video makes me laugh out loud!

YouTube video

4. Apple Picking

Did you know there are over 7,000 different varieties of apples?

This gives you so many more apple-picking opportunities than ever before.

  • Sweet & Juicy
  • Crisp & Sweet
  • Sweet as Honey
  • Sweet and Mild
  • Crisp & Juicy
  • Sweet & Refreshing
  • Mild and Balanced
fun family fall ideas

Is your mouth watering yet?

Okay, you get the point! But there is nothing like the crunch of a fresh apple right from the tree.

Kids will also love climbing the ladder to grab the biggest apple they can find!


The gorgeous apple orchard background makes for frame-worthy family photos!

5. Football Game

If your family is into sports, attending a football game will probably be at the top of your fall bucket list!

Whether it’s to see a neighbor play at the local high school, a college game, or even a professional game, football games are full of fall energy and the perfect Friday night or Sunday afternoon fall activity. 

6. Play Outside

It is finally cool enough to go to the local park or playground and enjoy it!

Pack a picnic lunch or some snacks and enjoy the fresh fall air.

Bring a football to toss around your bikes if there is a bike path.

7. Pumpkin Patch

My favorite fall bucket list for families idea is going to a pumpkin patch!

I have the sweetest memories of going to the pumpkin patch with my family and trying to find the absolute perfect pumpkin.

That perfect pumpkin often didn’t exist, but it was still one of my favorite family adventures.

Fall bucket list pumpkin patch

While carving your Jack-o-lantern, don’t forget about the seeds! They are so healthy (easy to make) and yummy!

Mindfulmazing logo.

Pumpkin Seeds

  • Remove the seeds.
  • Wash and dry the seeds.
  • Season the seeds. Toss the seeds in a bowl with olive oil, salt, garlic powder, paprika, and pepper.
  • Spread the seeds evenly over your roasting pan lined with parchment paper.
  • Roast the seeds on moderate heat (350F) for about 15 minutes, flipping the seeds every five.
  • When they are golden brown — they are done!

Now you have a tasty, healthy snack!

8. Haunted Hayride

If your family loves a good scream, a haunted hayride must be added to your autumn bucket list.

Fun Fact: The scariest one is found in Niles, Michigan.

So, if you are close to the Dark Terror-tory Haunted Hayride, you definitely want to check it out. 

But otherwise, research a haunted hayride near you!

Fall wagon rides

9. Corn Maze

Thinking about going into a giant corn maze kinda makes this mama hyperventilate!

But it’s a must-do fall activity to add to your autumn bucket list.

Local apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and farms usually create corn mazes to entertain all ages.

If you live in California, you may be in luck. The most giant corn maze in the United States is located at Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon, California.

fall ideas for kids

10. Scavenger Hunt 

What kid doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? (And who is kidding who, what adult doesn’t love a scavenger hunt, too?)

Download our free scavenger hunt printable right here, or make your own.

Free Fall Scavenger Hunt Printabl

Walk around the neighborhood, local park, or farmer’s market and see if you can find all the fall-related items on your list. 

Oh, and if you are as obsessed with Scavenger Hunts as me, I have a free Scavenger Hunt Bundle available here.

11. Haunted House

As Halloween draws closer, spooky haunted houses start to pop up everywhere.

haunted house

Okay, maybe not as sinister as this one, but still, there are many options, from nightmarishly scary to fun and goofy.

Remember: Not all haunted houses have to be ghoulish and scare the pants off everyone. Find what works based on the age and temperament of your children.

12. Outdoor Halloween Movie

There’s a chill in the air, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the outdoors before the snow starts to fly.

Grab warm, wooly blankets, cozy socks, and oversized sweaters, and enjoy an outdoor family movie.

Mom points if you provide an air mattress or inflatable pool to sit on.

Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus are two favorites in my house!

13. Visit A Brewery

Hear me out on this one!

Pumpkin flavor is a huge hit! Pepperidge Farms even has pumpkin spice goldfish now!

The pumpkin flavor doesn’t stop at just food, though.

Breweries have been creating pumpkin-flavored beer for years now, and they are always on tap.

Take a trip to a local brewery; they often encourage lawn games and family activities.

14. Farmer’s Market

How about a stroll through a bustling farmer’s market with a pumpkin-spiced latte in hand?

A farmer’s market is a great place to bring the family during the fall. (And snag some excellent fresh produce.)

To attract customers, farmer’s markets will often entertain visitors with special food tastings and kids’ activities.

fall bucket list for kids

Most farmer’s markets are held on Saturdays, but many communities also run smaller weekly markets.

Other Outdoor Fall Activity Ideas

  • Stargaze under a warm blanket
  • Have a campfire
  • Go camping
  • Go on an autumn hike
  • Take a walk through the sunflowers
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Build a fort (use the leaves and sticks to make it cozy and relaxed)
  • Go to the park and fly a kit
  • Plant spring flowers
  • Help clean up the gardens for winter

Fall Bucket List Ideas for Kids (Delicious Treats)

1. Bake Cookies

Some weekends will be chillier than others, and staying in and baking some fresh chocolate chip cookies may be the perfect solution to entertain the kids (and your taste buds).

Kids often love helping measure and scoop. And who can resist the aroma of freshly baked cookies throughout the house?

2. Candy and Caramel Apples 

Sometimes you go a little overboard at the apple orchard and realize there is no way your kids will eat 102 apples.

Turn some of those apples into delicious after-dinner desserts like candy or caramel apples (and add some color and crunch to your table).

They are easy to make, and you can generally find both mixes right in the produce section during the fall months. 

I love this caramel apple recipe!

3. Cider Donut Tasting

If you are lucky enough to live near multiple apple orchards or farms, you may be able to grab apple cider donuts easily.

And lucky you!

So if you can, eat cider donuts, a lot of them!

Cider donuts are cake donuts covered in cinnamon sugar! Mmmmm.

Have you ever considered having a donut-tasting day?

Apple cider donuts are not a one-size-fits-all, after all!

Every donut tastes different depending on what apples the orchard uses, the sugar, etc.

After tasting, rate each donut using a chart on taste, consistency, sugar coating, etc.

4. Make Stovetop Potpourri 

The wall plugs are definitely easier, but stovetop potpourri smells so much better.

There are a billion and a half recipes on Google for stovetop potpourri.

The best ones include orange, apple, and cinnamon!

Just put it all in a pot on your stove, set it to simmer, and your house will quickly smell ah-maze-ing! 

5. Bake Pie

Fresh pumpkin and apple pies can not be matched.

After a trip to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch, consider making a fresh, homemade pie.

Everyone will thank you!

And don’t get too stressed; store-bought pie crust is perfectly acceptable!

fall bucket list

Other Fall Bucket List Food Ideas

  • Bake pumpkin muffins
  • Eat Squash
  • Anything with cinnamon
  • Chiles are wonderful on fall days
  • Prepare Thanksgiving dinner with all the Fixin’s

Fall Bucket List Ideas (Family Fun)

1. Carve Pumpkins

After getting home from the pumpkin patch, it’s likely time to carve your pumpkins!

Carving pumpkins is a fun (and messy) must-do activity for all ages.

fall pumpkin carving

If you have older children, preteens, or teenagers, you may want to consider holding a pumpkin carving contest.

A cute pumpkin-shaped trophy may be a great little souvenir for their room.

Bring the pumpkins inside a few hours before carving. The inside of a pumpkin can get pretty cold and hurt your hands.

2. Family Game Night

The evenings are getting a little chillier, and playing outside may be harder once the sun goes down.

Grab some of your favorite family games and enjoy a family game night.

We have an epic list for 8 and up here. Monopoly and Life are always a hit.

While games like Pop The Pig, Trouble, and Headbandz are winners with the younger crowd.

If you love games, you will love our Thanksgiving Bingo Bundle. You can snag a free download here.

thanksgiving bingo

3. Road Trip

The roadways are less busy in the fall. People are not scrambling to the beach or visiting family while school is not in session.

So, take a quick fall road trip.

Visit a quintessential fall town like Salam, Massachusetts, or Stowe, Vermont. 

4. Roast Marshmallows 

There’s something about a warm fire and marshmallows that screams fall!

The average s’more is a graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow.

But, we don’t just do the basics anymore!

Try adding Reese’s peanut butter cups, Mars Bar, or Carmello to your s’more to pump it up! 

5. “BOO” A Neighbor

Fill a basket with some treats like cider donuts, candy, a caramel apple, etc.

Drop it off at your neighbor’s house with a note explaining the surprise and instructions on how to BOO two neighbors.

There are many different “boo” ideas and printables available on Pinterest.

More Fall Family Bucket List Ideas

  • Home Depot Crafts
  • Decorate your home with a fall theme
  • Make a spooky playlist
  • Camp out in the livingroom
  • Rake the neighbor’s leaves
  • Bake a pie or yummy treat for a neighbor
  • Donate old coats
  • Take family photos
  • Read books by the fire
  • Bob for apples? Make it a game.


Fall Bucket List Ideas for Kids (Crafts and Games)

A note about fall crafts:

There are SO many amazing fall crafts available for you and your kids or students. Like cutting apples in half to make apple paintings, gluing different colored leaves onto a piece of paper, or creating a scarecrow out of hay!

I couldn’t possibly list all the adorable fall-licious crafts in this post, so I’ve highlighted a few of my favorite crafts and games below.

1. Pumpkin Stress Balls

This is one of my favorites!

Fill orange balloons with rice, then use a Black Sharpie to draw fun, silly, or scary faces on your squishy stress-relieving pumpkin balls.

Kids who feel stressed or anxious can squeeze the heck out of their Mr. Pumpkin Ball.

See here for detailed instructions on creating homemade stress balls.

2. Leaf People

This is a super simple and adorable idea that I’m doing this year. Gather some different colored leaves, and glue them onto cardstock paper. Then use beads, googly eyes, and puffy paint to make faces. Use markers or pencil crayons to draw the legs and arms (maybe even hats if you want to get really creative).

3. Gratitude Tree

This is the perfect fall / Thanksgiving activity.


Here’s what we gathered up to make our trees:

(Note: I went to Micheals’s craft store and purchased most of these supplies, it took about 10 minutes.)

  • colored paper
  • twigs or branches
  • rocks/sand
  • a vase or container
  • decorations such as hearts, pictures, stars, stickers (whatever embellishments you might want for your tree)
  • markers/pens
  • glue/tape/string

For detailed instructions, please see our post on Gratitude Trees here.

4. Gratitude Activities

Any gratitude activity, game, or worksheet type is perfect for fall!

Have you seen our Everyday Gratitude and Kindness Kit for Kids? Oh, and we have a special edition just for Fall!

It’s 70+ pages chalked full of fun gratitude exercises. Take a peek!

5. Thanksgiving Bingo

Bingo is one of those classic games you can play at any age or stage.

If you’d like our free Thanksgiving printable bingo set, enter your info below!

Printable Thanksgiving Bingo

And for detailed Thanksgiving Bingo instructions, you can see our full post here.

More fall craft and game ideas for kids:

  • Paint pinecones
  • Build a scarecrow
  • Make and decorate a birdfeeder
  • Make fall-colored slime
  • Decorate your home with a fall theme

Final Thoughts on Fall Bucket List Ideas For Kids And Families

Fall is the perfect time of year to unwind, get fresh air, and spend quality family time.

Whether you decide to adventure out into the corn maze or stay home and make a pie.

This fall list will keep you and your children entertained until it’s time for your winter list. Tell in the comments below what is your favorite activity.

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fall bucket list ideas for kids

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