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Inside: Hey, parents: We know screen time is a touchy subject. And what helps is to offer alternatives to our kids. This is our glorious goal: Give your kids something else to do instead with a fun summer bucket list for kids.

Your kids won’t remember (like we do) the era when there were no cell phones or other digital devices to occupy our time.

GASP. I know.

Even the old T.V. would sit on its stand, turned off, while we were shooed outside by our mothers to play the day away.

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“Mooommmmm, can I please come in for just 5 minutes.”

“No” Mom sternly replies, “It’s a beautiful day. Get outside.

With schools closed for summer break, all the kids would bounce out of their houses at the crack of dawn to ride bikes, build forts, jump in sprinklers, have picnics, tell ghost stories, play games and eat WAY too many popsicles.

Are you feeling nostalgic?

Meeeee toooo.

GUESS WHAT? With a tiny bit of effort, we can give our kids the same kind of nostalgic summer experience, encourage them to ditch the screens, and choose some fantastic old-fashioned fun. 

Summer bucket list ideas for kids
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Summer Bucket List for Kids: 75+ Awesome Ideas 

Summer season is my favorite season (popsicles, flip-flops, BBQ’s and sand, ohhhhh so much sand – everywhere).

And summer is amazing on so many levels, but one reason is that we often get a little free time, from work and school, which makes summer the perfect time for your kids to learn, explore, and try new things. 

Now, there is nothing that parents dread more than hearing their kids utter these two words.

Do you know what they are?

“I’m bored.”

I’m cringing just typing those words.

(Hey parents, if you are looking for a truly epic list of things for bored kids to do, look here.)


Do you want to blast these two words up into space? (At least for a little while anyway?) Our summer bucket list for kids is stocked with 75+ perfect ideas for your kids to have an epic level of fun this summer!  And all the moms said “Amen.”

This list is divided into categories like indoor fun, outdoor fun, and evening ideas, so you can scroll down and choose the ideas that you know your kids will love!

Outdoor Fun: Summer Bucket List for Kids

outdoor summer bucket list for kids

In my opinion, the best kind of fun is the outside kind of fun!

You may get a little sweaty and sun-kissed (don’t forget your sunscreen), but outdoor fun is the real deal for the summer season. 

Below are oodles of outdoor summer bucket list ideas for kids: 

  • Lie in the grass, and look up at the clouds, try to form objects 
  • Find a huge tree, and have a picnic under it.
  • Go to the beach and bonus points if you watch the sunset
  • Go fishing with friends or parents
  • Camp in the backyard, and stargaze at night
  • Go to the zoo
  • Build a fort
  • Fly a kite with your friends, and compete to make it more fun
  • Run through sprinklers
  • Have a Pepsi party in the swimming pool
  • Make a lemonade stand
  • Swing at the park
  • Eat ice-cream from the ice cream truck
  • Blow bubbles
  • Go to the beach and build a sandcastle
  • Make wishes on dandelions
  • Have an outdoor scavenger hunt

(I just know you are GOING to want to see THIS. We have an epic post on Outdoor Scavenger Hunts for Kids (4 different types) along with a totally FREE Scavenger Hunt Bundle you can scoop up right here.

Outdoor Scavenger hunt bundle for kids
  • Jump in puddles
  • Jump on a trampoline 
  • Bury a time capsule to open when you are older. The best kind of nostalgia. 
  • Visit a water park, and try every water slide
  • Visit a carnival, ride on the Ferris Wheel
  • Have a water balloon fight
  • Have an outdoor dance party, show off some moves
  • Learn to ride a bicycle 
  • Plant a tree
  • Go bowling or mini golfing
  • Have a hula hoop contest
  • Explore a local park
  • Play hide and seek 
  • Dance in the rain
  • Watch a thunderstorm (from somewhere safe)
Summer bucket list ideas for kids

Indoor Fun: Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

indoor summer bucket list ideas

On those pesky rainy days (which can be equally special in their own way) try any of these incredible indoor summer bucket list ideas:

  • Visit a museum
  • Go to the library, and read your favorite book. 
  • Play songs and have a dance party.
  • Play Antakshari, a singing game where you divide into two teams. Begin by singing a song, and whichever letter the song ends with, the other team has to start a new song with that letter. It goes on unless the teams are out of songs. 
chore chart for kids
  • Make slime. A+ summer bucket list activity
  • Play hide & seek inside the house
  • Have a slumber party 
  • Create an exclusive handshake with your best friend
  • Camp in your backyard
  • Talk to your parents and learn about their childhood
  • Spend an afternoon writing your bucket list
  • Get a map of your city and pin all the places you want to visit
  • Cook your favorite recipe  
  • Build your own LEGO city 
  • Learn a new magic trick and surprise all of your friends 
  • Stay up late having a movie marathon. Recommendation: Harry Potter 
  • Do a science project
  • Learn to do origami 
  • Make a blanket fort 
  • Play bingo on your notebook’s back pages 
  • Finger paint
  • Paint with vegetables. Paint a ladyfinger with green color and then press it against a white sheet. Take it off, and you’ll notice a stem-like structure. Now, cut the ladyfinger in half, and use different colors on the cut side to make flowers above the stem the same way. 

Art & Craft Fun: Summer Bucket List for Kids

craft bucket list ideas

Unlock your crafty side with these art and craft ideas to try this summer.

  • Make homemade slime 
  • Make tie-dye shirts, and snap pictures in them
  • Decorate your bedroom according to a theme like Star Wars or Snow White 
  • Paint a mural 
  • Create custom frames for your family pictures 
  • Make friendship bracelets using ribbons and tiny colored stones
  • Make paper boats and run them in a river or canal

Food Fun: Summer Bucket List for Kids

fun bucket list ideas for summer

There is a whole lot you can do with veggies and fruits in the kitchen this Summer. Check these fun food ideas out! 

  • Go berry picking 
  • Make homemade ice cream
  • Plant vegetables in your garden the right way
  • Make and eat popsicles. 
  • Make lemonade one sunny afternoon for your whole family
  • Make potato chips 
  • Play Bob for donuts with your friends and family
  • Make homemade pizza 
  • Switch things up, eat breakfast for dinner 
  • Light a bonfire at night and roast marshmallows 
  • Eat lots of watermelon, and stay hydrated 

Games to Play: Summer Bucket List for Kids 

bucket list games for kids

Summer is not summer without games. Kids are not kids without games. SO, here are some exciting games for kids to play this summer (and remember for a lifetime).

  • The Floor is lava 

Do whatever you need to do to NOT touch the floor, which according to the game, is lava. Hop on chairs, benches, and couches. Then, try to get from point A to B. 

chore chart for kids
  • Tag 

If you’re the catcher, touch someone to make them the catcher. If you’re not it, run from the catcher. 

  • Hide & Seek 

Everyone hides, except the catcher. The catcher has to find all the players, one by one. The first person to get caught would be the next catcher, only if all the players get caught.

  • Duck, Duck, Goose

One player walks around and taps kids’ heads and says whether they are a “duck” or a “goose”. When they choose “goose”, that person must get up and chase the caller around the circle. The goal is to tap that person before they are able to sit in the “gooses” spot. If the goose is not able to do this, they become “it” for the next round, and play continues.

  • Thapdi

Race from point A to B. Then sit in a circle. The person who loses the race has to sit with their eyes closed and head down. One out of all the friends would tap on the loser’s head, and they must guess who tapped their head. If they guess correctly, the person who tapped is the next loser. 

If you love kids’ games, or if you are having a kid’s party soon, you might want even more fun games for kids. (30 of them right here!)

Summer Bucket List for Kids

Final thoughts on bucket list ideas for kids

Above are a ton of my favorite summer activities for this year’s summer bucket list for kids. 

Choose a few items from the list, or heck, try to check them all off and we promise, your kids will have a blast! And WON’T be whining, “I’m booorrrreeed.”

If you have any out-of-the-box summer ideas for this summer bucket list for kids, please comment down below!

And don’t forget to snag your free summer bucket list printable right here.


bucket list ideas

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