101 Compliments for Kids That’ll Raise Them Up!

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Inside: If you are looking for creative compliments for kids, we’ve got 101 beautiful ideas for you. This post also includes two free printable posters you can hang on your fridge so you never run out of ideas for positive things to say to kids again.

Did you know that the more you compliment your kids, the more good you will notice in them?

Mind blown.

There are oodles of feel-good reasons why we should be complimenting our children. Benefits such as helping build their self-esteem, creating a sense of belonging, and providing encouragement.

Here’s the thing:

It’s easy to get caught in the trap of only noticing and commenting when your child is misbehaving. And this can leave kids feeling like the “bad kid.”


Noticing the good will pay off. It will change the internal story your kids have running in their heads. The story about who they think they are, down in the deepest cockles of their being.

And we want that to be a happy story.

Noticing the good will also encourage appropriate behaviour. The more you compliment your kids, the more they will believe what you say, and strive to be that way.

It’s my goal to compliment my child everyday.

Below, we will look at why complimenting your child is SO important, while also giving some great examples of compliments you can use. 

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Why Compliments are Good for Kids?

Compliments are an effective way to reinforce positive behavior in kids, helping them to quickly learn the behaviors you like from the behaviors you don’t like.

Believe it or not, all kids crave and seek approval from their parents.

Compliments show you notice when they are doing good.

It’s perhaps one of the most effective tools for increasing a child’s sense of self-esteem.

(Chore charts also increase a child’s self-esteem, read more on that here).

There are many benefits to using compliments with your child. Some of the best benefits include:

  • Boosts the self-confidence of your child. 
  • Helps your child know they are doing an excellent job at something. 
  • Encourages your child to continue working hard. 
  • Promotes the motivation your child has. 
  • Gives your child a sense of self-believe
  • Makes your child more resilient
  • Helps your child feel seen

Sometimes we get busy with day-to-day tasks, and we forget how important sprinkling sweet compliments throughout the day can be.

It is imperative we pause and notice.

Compliments are sweet little gifts of love we can give to our child.

But they only work if they are given genuinely. (More on that below)

Taking just a few minutes a day and inserting a compliment or two for each child, or inserting compliments for your students can make all the difference. 

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Compliments for Kids
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How to Give Compliments to Kids

It can be easy to just start praising our kids, using statements such as, “Great job pal!”

But statements like this are very general and don’t really help the child understand what it is that they, in fact, did a great job at.


Use descriptive compliments wherever you can.

Instead of saying, “Great job today pal.” You could say, “Great job putting all your toys away. Thank you!”

And lastly, don’t focus too much on physical appearance or only complimenting when your kiddo’s get an A+ in math or a goal in hockey.

Praising kids only for their outstanding accomplishments can have a counter effect.

It can make them feel as if they are only worthy or good when they win or look good.

Pro Tip

Compliment the intention and the effort or spirit rather than the accomplishment itself.

So instead of saying, “Great job getting an A on your math quiz.” You could say, “I saw how hard you studied, and I’m so proud of your determination to never give up, and it paid off in your grade too.”

100 Compliments for Kids

Now that we know all the benefits of complimenting our children and some general tips on things to do when complimenting kids, you may be eager for some compliment for kid ideas.

Remember, when using these compliments below, be sure to add something specific. Many of these compliments are general, and you should take it one step further with your personalized addon.

(Example: Instead of just saying excellent job, say excellent job on spending two extra hours studying last night.)

And if you love this, we also have a brilliant list of 101 Positive Things to Encourage Children that I think you’ll LOVE!

Here are 100 compliments for children you can sprinkle throughout the day:

  • 1. I love your smile; it makes me want to smile too.
  • 2. Your laughter fills the whole room.
  • 3. You energy makes me feel energized too.
  • 4. Your sense of humor is so infectious and positive.
  • 5. You bring light to even a cloudy day.
  • 6. I bet you sweat glitter
  • 7. That joke (those jokes) is funnier when you tell them
  • 8. You are strong. (Because…)
  • 9. You are the best listener.
  • 10. That was so thoughtful when you helped out with _____!
  • 11. When you make up your mind, nothing stands in your way.
  • 12. If I had to give you a score from one to ten, I would give you an eleven.
  • 13. I like the confidence you have in who you are.
  • 14. You have the best ideas. Here’s one I love…
  • 15. You have a great way of looking at things.
  • 16. You are a great example to others.
  • 17. Hanging out with you is so much fun.
  • 18. You are a great friend. I saw how you treated ____. That was really thoughtful.
  • 19. You always know how to behave in every situation.
  • 20. You are a great example to others.
  • 21. You have a great way of looking at things.
  • 22. That color looks amazing on you.
  • 23. You are the most perfect version of you out there.
  • 24. When you make up your mind, nothing stands in your way.
  • 25. I like your confidence in who you are.
  • 26. If I had to give you a score from one to ten, I would give you an eleven!
  • 27. Thank you for helping me with this challenging task. I knew you could do it.
  • 28. You’re more fun than a balloon filled with candy!
  • 29. You have cute elbows (or another random body part)
  • 30. You are indeed, one of a kind!
  • 31. If you were a crayon, you would be my favorite one in the whole box!
  • 32. Everyone should thank-you more often for all you do to help!
  • 33. I feel inspired by your uniqueness.
  • 34. You are such an amazing friend.
  • Your quirks are so you — and I love that.
  • 36. I love your determination and how you always go after what you want.
  • 37. You are really something special.
  • 38. I think you are better than a unicorn.
  • 39. My favourite thing about you is your contagious smile.
  • 40. I’m so lucky that I get to talk to you everyday.
  • 41. I love that there is only one you!
  • 42. You have the best stories. Will you tell me another one?
  • 43. You are so talented.
  • 44. Your creativity shines through in this picture (story, piece of art, or something they have done).
  • 45. You are my biggest blessing.
  • 46. You are a great big brother/sister.
  • 47. You are a great little brother/sister.
  • 48. I love your positivity in this challenging situation.
  • 49. You have a big heart.
  • 50. You are my favourite teammate to get this done!
  • 51. I am proud you always keep your promises.
  • 52. There is nothing in the whole world that could stop me or keep me 53. from loving you.
  • 53. You are one of the best parts of our family.
  • 54. You are a delight to have around?
  • 55. You are the delight of my life.
  • 56. Thank-you for helping me get things done.
  • 57. Great job with school! You are so smart.
  • 58. You make each day a little sweeter.
  • 59. I believe in you.
  • 60. I know that anything you set your mind to, you will accomplish.
  • 61. How thoughtful of you!
  • 62. Fantastic job.
  • 63. Amazing effort
  • 64. You work is out of this world!
  • 65. You make me feel good.
  • 66. I see you tried very hard on that project. Congrats.
  • 67. Your help counts.
  • 68. You are so much fun to hug.
  • 69. You are growing up so fast.
  • 70. You are catching on quick!
  • 71. Extra special work. I love how you _______.
  • 72. You figured it out!
  • 73. Beautiful job.
  • 74. You belong right here.
  • 75. I love how responsible you are.
  • 76. You have outdone yourself.
  • 77. What an imagination.
  • 78. You are a genius!
  • 79. Good job thinking that through.
  • 80. I knew you could do it.
  • 81. Now you’re flying
  • 82. You are quite the detective.
  • 83. You are MY treasure.
  • 84. Nothing can stop you now.
  • 85. I love how you shared.
  • 86. You are so important.
  • 87. You were a real trooper during that.
  • 88. Looking good.
  • 89. That’s coming along nicely.
  • 90. You are doing much better today.
  • 91. One more time, and you’ll have it bud.
  • 92. You are getting better!
  • 93. That’s the way to do it!
  • 94. You have almost mastered it.
  • 95. Good job, now let’s show it to everyone else.
  • 96. I love your excitement.
  • 97. Hip, hip, hurray!
  • 98. How did you think of that?
  • 99. I respect you.
  • 100. You kept going, even when it got hard. That takes perseverance.
  • 101. There are 101 reasons I love you!

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Give Your Kids Compliments

Your kids are an empty bucket. Fill them up with love, light, and confidence.

So shower them with confidence and:

  • Promote motivation
  • Help them become more resilient to the world
  • Promote the good behavior that you want
  • Make them feel special

Adding some variations and creating compliments that are unique to your child is important and can give them the positive outlook on life they deserve.

Start out slow with just a few compliments a day, and see for yourself what a positive impact it can have on your child. 

After writing this, I told my son that he has a smile that could light up any room. And oh my did his little eyes sparkle. All it takes is a small effort and a special moment.

I can’t wait to hear your own special compliments and stories below.

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