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Inside: This is the perfect All About Me Poster for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and all the way up to grade six! This poster is fillable and also includes other fun All About Me Worksheets.

Are you looking for All About Me Posters for preschoolers? How about All About Me Posters for kindergarteners or elementary-age kids?

This colorful and engaging All About Me Poster is sure to be a hit.

All About Me posters make super fun activities during the first week of school, but they are also fun any time of year.

Is there a better way to help your students or kids break the ice on that first day of school?

Kids love this, parents love this, and teachers love this too.

So, yes already, let’s take a look at these gorgeous All About Me Posters.

All About me Poster for Preschool

All About Me Posters Preschool to Kindergarten to Grade Six)

This poster is completely fillable, meaning you can also have your kids or students fill it out digitally. There is even a spot to insert a digital picture.

All About Me Printable Poster

All About Me Poster

This All About Me Poster (PDF) is the perfect addition to your classroom or home.

This poster is included in our All About Me Mini Book, which includes 10 engaging worksheets (more on that below).

You can print this All About Me PDF Printable Poster and have your kiddos handwrite their answers, or, have your kiddos fill it in digitally.

All About Me Kindergarten

You choose what works for YOU and your students or kids!

For some added flair, there’s a portrait frame where kids can add a digital photo or draw a picture.

All About Me Printables

This All About Me poster has space for your students or kids to fill in the following:

  • Name
  • Grade
  • Age
  • Favorite color
  • Pets
  • Things I love
  • When I grow up
  • Favorite animal
  • Favorite food
  • Best friends
  • School
  • Teacher
Fillable Back to School Printables

Materials Needed for Your All About Me Poster

Pro Tip

If you are on the hunt for awesome kids’ activities, check out these awesome self-esteem activities and worksheets for kids.

All About Me Worksheets (Mini Book)

(From the How Bright is Your Light Growth Mindset Series).

This All About Me printable pack was created for teachers and parents to use with preschoolers or grade-schoolers. (Kindergarten to grade 6)

It includes the All About Me Poster from above, but also 9 other worksheets to get your classroom engaging and learning all about each other during the first week of school.

Note: This mini workbook is also a fun activity to do at home, or at kids’ parties.

All About Me Worksheets

All About Me Poster Inspiration

classroom all about me poster
Classroom All About Me Printables

Final Thoughts on All About Me Posters for Preschool and Up

I’m sure you’ll fall in love with our beautiful All About Me Poster for your classroom (or fun home activity).

Don’t forget to snag your All About Me printable set perfect for preschoolers to grade-schoolers!

All About Me Bundle

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