Valentine Bingo Printable To Spice up ANY Valentine’s Day Party

Inside: This fun, easy-to-put-together Valentine Bingo game printable is the perfect Valentine’s game to spice up Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day bingo is suitable for fun family game nights, classroom parties, or any kid’s parties.

Bingo is a classic fun game that is easy to put together and very inexpensive.

Plus, kid AND adults LOVE Bingo!

To add a fun twist to this classic game, I’ve made up these sweet Valentine’s Day Bingo Printables which you can print out and start using right away for your next family night or classroom party.

…And bonus, these are printables so you can laminate them and use them for years to come.


If you are looking for a game to play at your child’s next classroom Valentine’s day party or a fun family Valentine’s game, look no further than Mindfulmazing’s Valentine’s Day Bingo Game for Kid’s.

If you are looking for other fun kid’s party games, check out this epic guide to plan your next party.

valentine games for kids

How To Play Valentine’s Day Bingo

Most of us know how to play Bingo already…but just in case you forget here are some simple Bingo instructions.

How Do You Play Valentine Bingo?

To play, give one Valentine bingo card to each child or give one card to each team. Pull a call-out from a hat or bowl (one at a time) and call out the number or image on the card. Then have the children place a candy, heart sticker, or other over the square if it’s on their card. The first player to cover 5 spaces diagonally, horizontally, or vertically wins.

valentine's bingo printables for kids

This inspirational poster will inspire your kids with loads of ideas to spread kindness where ever they go. This will make the PERFECT addition to your home or classroom.

77 Acts of kindness for kids

Detailed Valentine Bingo Instructions:

  1.  Print out your valentine bingo cards (one for each player or team) and one set of the calling cards. If you want to use the bingo sticker cut-outs, please also print these out. Place the cards into a bowl or hat.
  2. Give each child a Valentine Bingo card and either use the heart cut-outs or use a dry erase marker, candy, or bingo dabber.
  3. The heart in the middle of the Valentine’s card is a free space. Yahoo!
  4. Pull one card at a time from the bowl and either call out the number or describe the image.
  5. The kids can cover the corresponding number or image with chosen stickers, candies, or marker. (I love to use Velcro with the heart cut-outs so they don’t slide around the card).
  6. To win the game, the kiddo who covers 5 spaces in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally shouts out “BINGO!” and they win.
  7. Create fun prizes or treats for winners.
valentines day activities for kids

Materials needed for Valentine’s Day Bingo:

If you love Valentine’s Day as much as I do, be sure to head over to the 15 sweetest Valentine’s Day crafts, games, and activities sure to spice up your kiddo’s love day!

I also love all the Valentine’s Day activities at Over The Big Moon.

What is included in This Valentine Bingo Printable Kit?

This sweet set of Valentine Bingo includes 8 different Bingo cards, one page of Bingo calling cards, instructions, and sticker cut-outs.

Bingo is perfect because it’s easy-to-play for all ages and for varying sizes of groups. And this kit has everything you need to get started.

*If you have over 8 players split into teams.

Other Ways To Play Valentine’s Day Bingo

I love the traditional Valentine’s Day Bingo game but there are so many variations too that can spice up your Valentine’s Bingo year after year.

You can play until the winner is the first one to get:

  • Full board bingo
  • 5 around the corner
  • An inside square
  • An outside square
  • The shape of a 7 or 11
  • A block of 9

I hope you love these Valentine’s Day bingo game cards as much as we do.

Looking for a premium set to play with classrooms, parties or fun family nights?

Valentine Bingo

This Valentine's Day Bingo Game is a ton of fun for kids and adults! Perfect for families, classrooms, Valentine's parties, and more! 

This kit comes complete with 8 different cards, 36 different call-outs, and heart stickers.

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If you love anything Bingo, you might also love our Gratitude Bingo Cards for kids.

This is a fun way to get your kids thinking about all the awesome things in their lives they have to be grateful for!

Gratitude Bingo Cards

Raising Kind Kids

The month of February is the PERFECT time to focus on teaching our children how to be kind.

Kindness matters because it can change your life and change the world!

And here’s the best part:

When WE are coming from a place of kindness, we naturally experience kindness from others.

And this is why it is important to be kind to everyone.

Kindness works like a boomerang, it shoots back to you.

Kindness matters, and it all starts with small changes today.

Let’s teach our kids a different mentality AND simultaneously make the world a better place for future generations.

If you are looking for ideas of kind gestures your kids or students can do, this kindness posters is yours free!

acts of kindness

Kindness Activities for Kids

Along with encouraging children to engage in kind acts, another way to teach kids kindness is to kindness activities.

My favorite kindness activity is to make kindness rocks.

You can click the picture below to snag our FREE kindness rocks activity for families and classrooms.

Kindness Rocks Challenge

And I’d also encourage you to check out our helpful guides on teaching children kindness and our popular gratitude guide for kids.

And if you love doing fun activities with your kids, you DON’T want to miss out on this giant gratitude bundle your kids (and you) will love!

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Thankful kids grow up to be happier adults!

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Happy Valentine's Day

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