12 Best Bed Tents for Kids – 2021

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Inside: 12 of the bed tents for kids of 2021 – 2022. Here you will find pop-up bed tents, toddler bed tents, bed tents for privacy, teenagers, and even for camping. We’ve got it all here, folks. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you and compiled the ultimate list to help you pick the best bed tent for your kids.

Don’t you remember being a kid and how fun it was to sleep in a tent or small space?

It’s like your own secret universe sealed off from prying parents or annoying older brothers.

Well, bed tents are a wonderful way to give your kids this excitement right in the comfort of their own rooms.

And these bed tents are so much more than just a plain old tent. They give your children the space and privacy they need and provide a wonderful calming space when kids are upset or overstimulated.

That’s why I’ve scoured the internet for you and put together this list of the 12 best bed tents for kids in 2021 – 2022.

These products have won out because of features like durability, costs, and materials.

 Now without any further ado, let’s get to it.

Best Bed Tents for Kids for Privacy
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Mindfulmazing’s Top 3 Bed Tents for Kids Picks

Famure Bed Tent

  • Perfect for Toddlers
  • Easy to Install
  • Foldable Design
  • Not suitable for older kids

365 Camp Tent

  • Light Weight
  • Affordable
  • Twinkling backdrop for ultimate relaxation

DDASUMI Floorless Tent

  • 3 Doors
  • Spacious, great for older kids
  • Floorless Tent
  • Not suitable for young kids

12 Best Bed Tents for Kids

Best Privacy Bed Tents

Best Overall Pick
Privacy Pop Bed Tent

If you are looking for function, quality, and options, this is the bed tent for you! Kids and adults alike will love this highly-rated bed tent.

03/07/2024 02:42 am GMT

Why We Chose It:

To say we’re obsessed with this bed tent with 4895 five-star reviews is an understatement. We love the solitude and seclusion! So whether you want a bed tent for naptime, playtime, or alone time, this one is perfect.

This privacy bed tent is sure to satisfy. Bed fort anyone?

  • Perfect for toddlers, middle schoolers, teenagers and adults
  • More expensive option
  • Rave reviews!
  • Fits all sizes of beds -designed to be used wwith your existing mattress and provides a snug fit for extra privacy.
  • Windows and doors all zip up to reduce any unwanted light (hey tired parents, that means kids will sleep longer!)

Easiest Assembly
Alvantor Bed Canopy Bed Tents dream Tents

Patent Pending construction (pop-up flexible ribs frame) Only 5.8llbs. Double side door for easy access.

03/07/2024 11:28 am GMT

Why We Chose It:

This easy-to-set-up bed tent pops up, has mesh windows for breathability, and fully zips up for maximum privacy. You can use this as a sleeping tent or play tent. There are 4 doors for easy access, two windows, and even a lamp hanger inside!

The neutral design is perfect for older kids who have outgrown other cutsey designs and are still looking for a privacy bed tent.

  • Fits twin beds
  • Easy assembly
  • Mesh windows provide airflow and light
  • Completely zips up for maximum privacy
LEEDOR Bed Tent Dream Tents Bed Canopy

Easy Assemble Bed Tent!

03/07/2024 10:57 am GMT

Why We Chose It:

The tent can double as a play tent during the day and enhance privacy at night. Set up only takes a few minutes.

Though this tent is slightly more expensive than others in the market, it has an elegant and classy finish that will liven up any room. It is 100% polyester with 4 doors and 2 windows. The ribs are flexible, which makes them less prone to collapsing and bends. This pop-up bed tent for kids securely fits on the mattress, and there is no need to fix it on the bed. 

  • Suitable for older kids
  • Easy Set-Up
  • More expensive
  • Top rated privacy bed tent for kids

Best Bed Tent For Teenagers

Most Spacious Bed Tent
DDASUMI Signature 4Door Indoor Bed Tent

This is a large bed tent perfect for older kids who might need more space.

03/07/2024 07:32 am GMT

Why We Chose It:

4 access points are perfect for older kids who don’t want to feel closed in. Kids can do homework, meditate, play, read, relax and even chill with their friends.

  • Perfect bed tent for teenagers or older elementary aged kids
  • Small and medium sizes available – small fits twin or singles and medium fits queen
  • Holds warm air in

Best Bed Tent for Affordability

Best Cozy Tent
CAMP 365 Child's Indoor Privacy and Play Tent

Who doesn't love twinkling starry nights?

Why We Chose It?

We love the twinkling design on this one. By blocking drafty winds in the room and keeping warm air inside, this tent will make your child’s bed feel extra cozy.

This tent gives your kids maximum privacy even when they have to share a room with others.

  • Refurbished product (may arrive in a generic box) All accessories included.
  • Affordable
  • Dreamy starlight design
  • Comes in small or medium. Small fits twin and single beds and medium fits queens.

Best Toddler Bed Tent

Famure Starlight Bed and Play Tent

The easiest and lightest sleeping tent on the market, this dreamy tent is like bringing the outdoor starry sky into your bedroom.

Why We Chose It:

Create a private world for your toddler (especially if they share a room) with this no collapse, no bending, no tilting, no metal frame bed tent. This toddler bed tent can be opened in one minute flat!

Bring the beautiful and calming outdoor sky into your child’s bedroom.

  • Perfect for toddlers
  • Easy Set-Up
  • Ideal for kids sharing rooms
Alvantor 2014 Starlight Bed Canopy Dream Kids Play Tents

This adorable bed tent will make the perfect addition to a young child's room. Little girls will especially love the sweet colors.

03/07/2024 02:02 pm GMT

Why We Chose It:

We are obsessed with this glow-in-the-dark design to create a starlight private space for kids. And this is the lightest tent on the market, only 2 lbs!

This bed tent also provides a play area during the day. The glow-in-the-dark stars can also comfort kids who are afraid of the dark, making it the perfect toddler bed tent (or preschooler bed tent). Yes!

  • Perfect for toddlers or preschoolers
  • Fits twin beds
  • Glow in the dark starlights

Best Bed Tents for Imagination and Fun

Kids Dream Bed Tents

This starry winter wonderland pop-up design is sure to spruce up your child's room.

Why We Chose It:

We love these tents for kids who don’t want to feel completely closed in. And what’s amazing is that you choose your design; they offer everything from dinosaurs, unicorns, winter wonderland to space adventures.

  • Perfect for young kids
  • Fits twin beds
  • Creates a cozy nook or reading area
  • Fastens to bed in seconds
Best Versatile Tent
Pacific Play Bed Tents

This bed tent may be used on or off the bed all while helping transition your child from a crib to a bed.

03/06/2024 04:47 pm GMT

Why We Chose It:

We can’t always give our kids a real treehouse, but an exciting adventure awaits with this fun and colorful tent. Your kids will love being in their very own treehouse bed. They might even ask you to “keep out!”

This bed tent can be used both on and off the bed for added versatility. I love this bed tent for elementary-aged kids who want a little adventure.

  • Fits most twin beds
  • Mesh panels for ventilation and parenting viewing
  • Ignites imagination
Best Toddler Pick!
Sunny Days Thomas & Friends Pop Up Play Tent

Give kids their own place to hang out. Use the tent as a place to play with toys, read or imagine you are racing down the tracks with Thomas. 

03/06/2024 11:33 pm GMT

Why We Chose It:

Give kids their own space to hang out and get ready for big adventures and endless fun with your favorite No. 1 Engine. This Thomas & Friends play tent has plenty of room for 1-3 children to enjoy hours of fun, imaginative play. The extra roomy, no-floor design makes for the perfect space to hang out.

The tent can be used as a place to play with toys, read or imagine you are racing down the tracks with Thomas. The iconic, high-quality Thomas, the Tank Engine art helps promote realistic role play and creativity.

  • Parents will love the easy pop up assemble
  • Safety tested and durable, the kid friendly features include: round corners, durable stitching and safe material.
  • Ideal for children 3+
Pacific Play Bed Tents Kids Cottage Playhouse

Ignite your kiddo's imagination with the Pacific Play Bed Tents.

03/07/2024 12:52 pm GMT

Why We Chose It:

We love the vibrant colors and cute graphics of this versatile bed that will help transition your toddler from the crib to a bed, all while stimulating their imaginations.

So if you are looking for a toddler bed tent that will spark creativity and play, this could be the one for you.

  • Perfect for toddlers
  • Easy set-up parents will love
  • Can be used on or off the bed
  • Mesh panels for ventilation and viewing

Best Camping Bed Tent

Pop-Up Mosquito Net Tent for Beds Portable Folding Design with Net Bottom for Baby

It’s big enough for 2 adults to sleep inside, perfect for a queen or king-size bed or on a camping mattress. 

03/07/2024 09:52 am GMT

Why We Chose It:

This pop-up design is a PERFECT SIZE. It’s big enough for 2 adults, a queen or a king-size bed. The bottom is entirely netted.

  • Perfect for camping
  • Easy pop-up design (foldable for packing)
  • Multi-use

Bed Tent for Kids Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Bed Tent For Kids?

A bed tent is just what it sounds like a tent you put on a bed. Bed tents come in various sizes and are actually used by kids and adults.

Bed tents are often used for privacy when sharing accommodations; they are also used to create a safe and cozy space, block light, and keep in the heat. The possibilities are endless.

Bed tents are even used to keep out mosquitos or other creepy crawlies. They are big hits when camping.

How to Choose and Buy the Best Bed Tent?

Ask yourself, why are you buying the bed tent? Is it for fun, privacy, retaining heat, keeping out bugs, or creating a calming play space?

You will also want to consider the price of the bed tent, the installation procedure, if you want it to be portable and what size you need it to be.

Bed Tent For Kids Considerations


Determining the appropriate size is the first essential consideration.

Be sure you are purchasing the right size. Do you need a queen, twin, single? 


The material is essential. Do you want to keep heat in? Have windows for viewing? Extra doors for ease of access?

Be sure to consider what you find visually appealing and what your child will enjoy. Do you want a more serious look or a fun, imaginative bed tent?


Do you want your tent to have space for more than one kid to play? Do you intend to use it as a play tent during the day? Consider the ventilation, windows, and doors.


Would you prefer a pop-up style or a more fixed bed tent? Do you want to move it easily for playtime, camping, or sleepovers?


Some bed tents appear to look super fun but might not work indoor or outdoors appropriately. Some designs are too hot and might not make sense in the summer. Be sure to balance cost with long-lasting quality and features you might also desire.

Final thoughts on Bed Tents for Kids

Whether you are looking for the Privacy Pop Bed Tent, a toddler bed tent, a teenager bed tent, bed tent for privacy, or camping bed tent, I’m sure you have found something suitable for you here.

If you love these bed tents for kids as much as I do, then take the jump and purchase one. I can’t wait to see my little guy’s eyes light up when he discovers his newest adventure that awaits.


best bed tents for kids

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