20 Self Care Activities for Moms That *Easily* Include The Kids

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Inside: Searching for self-care activities for moms? Well, you are in the right spot! Mothers can still enjoy (and make time) for self-enjoy by doing fun self-care activities with their kids.

There are many activities that mothers can do WITH their kids to get a little self-care time in (while also spending that coveted quality time together).

You might be surprised to learn that the list of fun and relaxing activities you can do with your kids is actually quite extensive! From baking together to coloring picture books and watching movies, there are plenty of ways to engage in self-care time without it feeling like work.

And here’s the best part:

You can have self-care time without it even feeling like self-care.

Say what?! How does that work?

Well, when you are doing self-care activities with your kids, you can relax and enjoy the moment (and still be a parenting rockstar).

It doesn’t have to feel selfish at all!

I am a self-proclaimed self-care junkie! I crave it and am always looking for new ways to do it, especially with my kids. So I’ve got you covered on self-care ideas that you can do with your children!

Check out this list of fun self-care activities for moms. It might even spark some self-care ideas of your own!

Self-care activities for moms
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Why Self-Care is Important for Moms

Self-care is such an important component of our mental health.

Women especially are often so busy taking care of the kids that they often don’t have any energy left to take care of themselves.

Can you relate?

We all know that a car can’t run on fumes.

You need to gas up, amazing mama!

When we practice self-care as parents, we get to nourish and love ourselves, making us better parents.

But when self-care goes out the window, resentment builds up, self-love gets lost, and self-worth flies right out the window with it.

And sadly, this can make us short with our children and loved ones and make us hard to get along with.


And what’s worse is neglecting our own self-care can lead to self-destructive behaviors such as addiction or self-sabotage.

Self-care is not a luxury it is a 100% necessity!

These fun breathing cards will help you and your kids relax. Do one exercise each night before bed!

breathing exercises for kids

Signs we are lacking self-care in our lives

Your body will let you know when it’s time for a little TLC. So be on the lookout for symptoms like headaches, impatience, fatigue, or loss of focus.

And if you notice these symptoms taking over your daily life, then get out the schedule, and put yourself on it! RIGHT NOW!

Warning signs you need some self-care in your life include:

  • You’re tired ALL.THE.TIME
  • You’re not eating 3 proper meals or drinking 8 glasses of water per day (don’t skip your basic needs);
  • You’re focused on everyone else but yourself
  • You’ve lost touch with close friends or family
  • You’ve lost touch with yourself
  • Your schedule is overflowing and you are never on it!
  • Your constantly yelling at your kids, always moody, or simply impatient

The Issue With Self-Care for Moms

So we all know that self-care is essential for self-preservation and sanity!

Have you noticed that when you take the time to make yourself a priority, you feel more connected with your children, you’re more tuned in to their needs, and in turn, they feel more supported by you.

But here’s the problem…


Capital T.I.M.E

We can’t find it, never have enough of it, and it goes by WAY too quickly.

That’s why I’ve made this jumbo list of activities that moms can do WITH the kids in tow, for those days when getting even five minutes to yourself seems truly impossible.

So here’s my new concoction: Quality time with kids mixed with self-care = win-win.

Just jump in and pick something, or do them all!

Quick Self-Care Tips for Parents

How can we achieve self-care as parents when our days are so busy? I’ve learned three things:   

  1. Just keep trying (patience and persistence). If, at first, you aren’t feeling relaxed when doing these activities with your kids, you might need to shift your mindset, let go of to-do lists and relax.
  2. Make self-care fun. Let’s face it. Even self-care can feel like a chore sometimes, so make it enjoyable!
  3. Be creative. If self-care isn’t working out for you in one area, try something else! Be open to trying new things and discovering what works for you.

I’d dare say that self-care is the most important yet most neglected part of being a parent.

But I plead with you to take the time to make this important, because if we don’t take care of ourselves, then we will definitely run the risk of burning out and not being any good to our children—or anyone else in our lives.  

Let’s remember, self-care doesn’t have to be a chore, and you don’t need to be perfect or superhuman; it can actually be an adventure that we are excited about and look forward to!  

So there’s no time to waste, let’s look at 20 fun and relaxing self-care activities for moms.

20 Self-care Activities for Moms to Do With Kids:

1. Bake together

self care ideas for moms

Put on some music (maybe some Fleetwood Mac?) and make cookies or an apple pie. The smell of cinnamon buns and apple pie baking will bring your mood up instantly!

Or you could decorate a cake or cookies together using frosting and sprinkles.

 2. Go for a walk

Mindful Walking

Nature self-care is the best kind of self-care! Amen to that. 

Go out for a walk, it can be in the park, around the block, heck, you could even do circles around the house. What matters is that you talk and enjoy each other’s company.

Getting outside is so good for kids. Vitamin D is brilliant for everyone’s health and mood.

Variation: Why not make it fun by bringing a frisbee or even a kite to fly?

3. Snuggle up, get comfortable and read a book together 

The book you read doesn’t need to be anything fancy or complicated – pick a book!

It’s a great way for your child to stimulate their imagination and use their brain.

I also love to go to the library and pick out our next reads. There is nothing more calming than the sweet, musty smell of an aisle full of books!

There are so many great books you can read together, like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Cat in the Hat, and Goodnight Moon.

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You can also grab our very own Growth Mindset Activity Journal for Kids and complete a few pages each day.

4. Plant a garden (Rated one of the A+ Self Care Activities for Moms)

For self-care, you want to focus on finding activities that slow down time and create a sense of calmness around you.  

Planting a garden will do just that! It brings you right into the present moment. 

It’s also a great opportunity for kids to learn about the circle of life and how food gets from the ground into our tummies.  

So get the kids involved in your gardening tasks; there is nothing more soothing than watering plants, kneading dirt, and stopping to smell the roses.  

5. Play a board game or cards with friends and family

Self-care doesn’t have to be all meditation, candles, and dim lights.

Sometimes self-care is simply having fun with the kids.  

We play many board and card games; it’s a great way for us to spend together while having fun! You can take your mind off of the endless to-do list for an hour and focus on having some laughs. 

6. Cook together

fun bucket list ideas for summer

Self-care while learning a new skill and bonding with your kids? That’s self-care nirvana!  

For some, cooking is very soothing. (For other’s it’s very stressful).

So decide if this is the activity for you.

And getting the little ones involved will make it more fun for everyone! And bonus: they’re more likely to eat something that they have made!

Cooking together helps teach kids about reading recipes, and it teaches them to be more independent.

Ideas:  Pasta dishes, quiches, make your own pizzas, stir-fry with rice and veggies—pancake muffins. Take a look at the cooking section on this blog for some recipes that you can make together!

7. Listen to Music or Dance  

Go ahead, put on that music, and dance together with your child.  

Not only is this incredibly fun for your child, but it also helps put everyone in a good mood. 

Okay, okay… I get it, you might feel a little silly at first, but music relieves stress and helps everyone unwind.

…and music and dancing bring self-confidence, self-expression, and empowerment to your life.

So dance like no ones is watching.

8. Color or do a Craft Together

how to be a happy mom

It doesn’t have to be a complicated craft that you find on Pinterest.

Doing a craft with your child can be as simple as coloring, crayon art, or sticking stickers on paper and writing nice messages to each other.

This is such a great activity because it’s fun, creative, and relaxing.

9. Paint Your Nails Together

Painting nails is a relaxing self-care activity that makes you feel pampered. So why not take turns painting each other’s nails.

Remember, you might want to make sure your kid’s nails have fully dried before they touch anything. Believe me, I’ve made that mistake before. Yikes.

10. Clean together

Five simple steps you can take right now to create a chore chart for kids that your kids will LOVE (and it works too). This in-depth post includes 5 FREE charts, plus an insightful graphic of age appropriate chores.

Why not make cleaning fun? Getting the chores done will help you relax at the end of the day, plus it hosts an array of benefits for your child. Benefits such as teaching independence, fostering a sense of belonging and so much more.

Play music, dance around while you clean the kitchen, and then continue the self-care train by eating a healthy snack together.

11. Go to an amusement park or play mini-golf

Sometimes the best days are when you just let it all go and have a rip-roaring good time.

Doing an exhilarating activity together can help you forget all about the piles of laundry, and your kids will also LOVE it!

12 Set up a play date with friends

Setting up a play date can be especially nice if the kids are close in age.  

It gives you time to catch up and have a chat with another adult without the kids underfoot (which is heavenly). Plus it gives your kids a chance to burn off some energy.

Pro Tip: Organize an outdoor picnic, it could be alone or with friends.

13. Take a hot bath together

Depending on the age of your child, taking a bath together is a great way to unwind.

Grab the tub toys, the bubbles, and the towels and enjoy some playtime in the tub.

14 Do yoga at home

There are so many videos on YouTube that you can use to do yoga at home! I love Cosmic Yoga.

YouTube video

It’s a really wonderful activity to do with your child, and it will help you both to relax.  

16. Go camping

For the more adventurous parents in the group perhaps really get away from it all and go camping?

Enjoying nature and relaxing is self-care at its finest.

While camping, why not go on a fun Scavenger Hunt?

You can also enjoy these free Scavenger Hunt Printables, snag them here.

outdoor scavenger hunt for kids

17. Do something active together  

If you’re at home for the day, why not go to the park and play soccer or head to the backyard and play catch?

I also love to go for bike rides on warm summer days.

Another idea is to clean your house together – let your kids use their imagination and pretend they’re cleaning up for a special guest. 

You can also set the table while you cook dinner or fold clothes together!  

18. Let kids help with dishes

Teach your kids to be helpful from an early age!

When your child is old enough to reach the sink, encourage them to do the dishes.  

Parents can have fun watching their little one squirt the dish detergent in the sink and become a helpful member of the family.  

And it just might give you a couple of minutes to breathe!

19. Take turns choosing the activity you do together (most engaging self-care activity for moms)

For example, You choose to do a puzzle today; then tomorrow, it’s your child’s turn to pick an activity.  

 These traditions create memories that will last a lifetime!  

20. Kiss and hug your kid (Sweet Self-Care Activities for Moms)

Positive Parenting Solutions - self care for moms

A self-care tip for parents is to spend some time showing our children that we love them every day.

This doesn’t mean just telling kids we love them but also showing it by kissing them on the forehead or hugging them.

The benefits of even just one hug a day are incredible!

Did you know: Hugging is a self-care activity that has many benefits. It can help relieve stress, improve self-esteem, and promotes bonding.

Hugging your child not only lets them know you love them, but it has the potential to lower your stress levels too.

Final Thoughts on Self-Care Activities for Moms To do With Kids

You may be surprised to learn that self-care doesn’t have to be hard or boring!

Moms need self-care activities to stay healthy. And we all know that when we have kids, it’s tough to take time for ourselves.

But one way you can still show yourself this love and respect is by doing self-care activities WITH your kids.

So go out there and self-care; you deserve it!

When mom and dad are happy, the family will be too. And if you’re a self-care junkie like me, then share some of your favorite self-care ideas in the comments section below for other moms who want to gobble up this self-care advice!


self care for moms

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