Mother’s Day Poems for Kids [With Free Printables]

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Inside: Mother’s Day poems for kids (plus funny Mother’s Day poems and sweet Mother’s Day poems). This post includes free printable kids’ handprint templates and a poem template.

Happy Mother’s Day!

This special occasion calls for celebrating the wonderful mothers in our lives with a beautiful poem.

What a great way to tell Mom she’s the best mother ever! 

Every mom loves a thoughtful gift, and there’s no better time to show her just how much she means to us.

So, let’s make this Mother’s Day extra special by making Mother’s Day cards, short poems, and including our kids’ handprints.

(And we’ve included the free templates to make this really easy for you!)

So, if you are a teacher looking for activities for your students or a parent looking to make Mother’s Day extra special, this post is for you!

After all, every mom deserves to feel extra special on this day. These perfect mom poems for young children are sure to bring a tender smile and create lasting memories. 

With “Happy Mother’s Day” poems, let’s make this Mother’s Day truly unforgettable.

Poems for Mother's Day for Kids
Free Mother’s Day Poem and Handprint Template – End of Post
Mindfulness activities for kids preview set.

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Because we all want our kids to be happy and healthy — not just for right now, but for the rest of their lives.

10 Short Mother’s Day Poems for Preschoolers:

My Mommy

My mommy is the best, you see,

She gives the biggest hugs to me.

Her smile shines bright like the sun,

I love her more than anyone!

A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is like a flower,

Blooming bright with each passing hour.

She cares for me with all her might,

making everything feel just right.

Mommy’s Hug

When I’m sad and feeling blue,

Mommy’s hug is like a glue.

It sticks me back together tight,

Making everything feel just right.

My Wonderful Mom

My mommy is wonderful, kind, and true,

She’s always there, no matter what I do.

With her, every day feels like a dream,

My mommy, the best, you’re part of my team!

Mommy’s Song

Mommy’s love is like a song,

It’s with me all day long.

It hums inside my heart so sweet,

Making every moment complete.

Thank You, Mommy

Thank you, mommy, for all you do,

For making my world bright and true.

Your love is like a shining star,

Guiding me, no matter how far.

Mommy’s Hugs and Kisses

Mommy’s hugs and kisses, oh so sweet,

Make my world feel complete.

Wrapped in love, I’ll always be,

With mommy, the key to my glee!

My Mommy, My Friend

My mommy is my bestest friend,

With her, every day’s a trend.

We laugh and play, we hug and snuggle,

With mommy, life’s the best kind of puzzle!

Mommy’s Smile

Mommy’s smile lights up my day,

It chases all my fears away.

With her, every moment’s a treasure,

My mommy, my joy, my ultimate pleasure!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day, mommy dear,

With you, I have nothing to fear.

You’re my rock, my guiding light,

With you, everything feels just right!

Mother’s Day Poems for Elementary-Aged Kids:

My Super Mom

My mom’s like a superhero, strong and bold,

With her by my side, I’ll never feel cold.

Happy Mother’s Day, to the best mom around,

With you, every day is a treasure I’ve found!

Mom, You’re Amazing

Mom, you’re amazing, it’s plain to see,

You’re the best mom there could ever be.

On Mother’s Day, with love, I say,

Thanks for brightening up my every day!

To My Marvelous Mother

To my marvelous mother, so kind and dear,

Your love for me shines bright and clear.

Happy Mother’s Day, with a heart full of glee,

Mom, you mean everything to me!

A Mother’s Love, Like Sunshine

A mother’s love is like sunshine, warm and bright,

It fills my heart with joy and light.

On this special day, I want you to know,

Mom, your love makes my happiness grow!

Thank You, Mom

Thank you, mom, for all you do,

For being there when I’m feeling blue.

Happy Mother’s Day, with love so true,

Mom, I’m grateful for everything you do!

Mom’s Hugs and Laughter

Mom’s hugs and laughter, oh so sweet,

They make my world feel complete.

On Mother’s Day, I’ll laugh and play,

To celebrate you in every way!

Mom, You’re the Best

Mom, you’re the best, that’s plain to see,

You mean the world to my family and me.

Happy Mother’s Day, with love so true, Mom,

I’m so grateful for all that you do!

In Mom’s Arms

In mom’s arms, I find my rest,

Her love for me is always the best.

On Mother’s Day, I’ll shout and cheer,

Mom, you’re the reason I’m full of cheer!

My Amazing Mommy

My amazing mommy, with a heart so kind,

Your love for me,

I’ll never find. Happy Mother’s Day, with a smile so bright,

Mom, you make everything feel just right!

Mom, You’re My Hero

Mom, you’re my hero, through and through,

With every hug, my love for you grew.

Happy Mother’s Day, with a heart so true,

Mom, I’m blessed to have a mom like you!

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Sweet Mother’s Day Poems

Sunny WeatherI

In sunny weather, with skies so clear,

Mom opens her arms, brings us near.

With warm hearts, we gather ’round,

To share a laugh, joyfully unbound.

A Cup of Tea

Mom’s like a cup of tea, you see,

Extra special, just for me.

With inner strength, she brews it strong,

Filling our home with love all day long.

Mom’s Warm Embrace

Mom’s open arms, like a cozy nest,

Where we find refuge, feeling blessed.

With hearts so warm, and love so true,

She’s the heart of our home, through and through.

The Depth of Mom’s Love

Mom’s love runs deep, like an endless sea,

It’s the anchor of our family tree.

With a cup of tea and a heart so warm,

She keeps us safe in life’s storm.

A Special Kind of Strength

Mom’s inner strength, it knows no bounds,

It’s the magic that keeps us safe and sound.

With a laugh and a hug, she conquers it all,

Her love’s the reason we stand tall.

The Heart of Our Home

Mom’s the heart of our home, it’s true,

With her, there’s nothing we can’t do.

In sunny weather or when skies are gray,

Her love shines bright, come what may.

Four Free Mother’s Day Templates and Activities to Choose From

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Funny Mother’s Day Poems

Mom’s Superpowers

Mom’s got superpowers, it’s true,

She can find lost socks and missing shoes.

With eyes in the back of her head,

She knows when we’re up to mischief, red-handed!

The Mommy Brain

Mom’s got a mommy brain, they say,

Sometimes forgetful in a funny way.

From keys in the fridge to milk on the shelf,

Mom’s scatterbrained antics make us laugh, ourselves!

The Mommy Alarm Clock

Mom’s like an alarm clock, loud and clear,

Waking us up with a “rise and cheer!”

With a nudge and a shake, she gets us out of bed,

Mom’s wake-up calls, they’re never dread!

Mom’s Dance Moves

Mom’s got moves like Jagger, they say,

With her funky dance moves on display.

From kitchen shuffles to bathroom boogies,

Mom’s dance floor prowess is truly groovy!

The Mommy Time-Out

Mom’s like a referee in a game,

Calling time-outs when things get insane.

With a “one, two, three” and a calming breath,

Mom’s time-outs prevent total chaos, that’s the depth!

The Mommy Multitasker

Mom’s a multitasker, through and through,

Cooking dinner while tying a shoe.

With a phone in one hand and a baby on her hip,

Mom’s multitasking skills, they’re never a blip!

Mom’s Bedtime Story

Mom’s bedtime stories, they’re quite a sight, With characters that change in the middle of the night. From princesses to pirates, in a single tale, Mom’s storytelling skills, they never fail!

Mother's Day Poem with free template

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Final Thoughts on Mother’s Day Poems for Kids

It’s essential to show appreciation for the wonderful moms who bring joy and warmth to our lives.

There are countless ways to express our love, from heartfelt poems and crafts to thoughtful gestures.

This Mother’s Day, let’s treasure the small moments that make our homes special. Creating handmade cards with a child’s handprints adds a personal touch to gifts that truly warm their hearts.

Mothers, our best friends and the heart of our homes, provide love, security, and strength. Let’s pamper them with perfect gifts that reflect our deep affection. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who make every day sweeter with their presence.

Gain access to our library of free printables!

Because we all want our kids to be happy and healthy — not just for right now, but for the rest of their lives.

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