Positive Parenting

Here at Mindfulmazing, we are obsessed with positive parenting. Basically, every resource on our site follows a positive parenting philosophy. If you are looking for positive discipline techniques, mindfulness for kids, gratitude for kids, teaching kids self-esteem, confidence, and goal-setting, it’s ALL here. If you really want to dig into positive parenting, you can check out our Complete Positive Parenting Toolkit right here! We also have a brand spanking new Growth Mindset Activity Journal for Kids published in the fall of 2021. Click here for more details


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Looking to get started with all things Positive Parenting and unsure where to start? The Positive Parenting Toolkit is a digital one-stop resource neatly organized into six sections for those looking to eliminate power struggles, reduce tension, discipline with love and respect, feel energized instead of exhausted, feel confident and proud of their parenting, and even help kids believe in the amazing tiny humans they are. Includes short Instructional videos, hundreds of customizable printables, and fun bonuses

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12 Sets of The Coolest FREE Lunch Box Notes Your Kids Will Go Banana’s Over

12 Sets of The Coolest FREE Lunch Box Notes Your Kids Will Go Banana’s Over

Lunch box notes for kids are a great way to let your kid know you are thinking about them and love them while they are away from you at school. Over 150 printable back to school lunch box notes and jokes guaranteed to make your kids feel loved and special. These notes will keep your kiddo smiling and laughing at lunchtime all year long!