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Inside: 6 eggmazing free printable Easter coloring pages for you to enjoy. Everything you could want in an Easter coloring page!  This set includes printable bunny coloring pages, clever Easter sayings, and they are suitable for younger or older kids.

Spring is that magical time where the dark, dreary winter is washed away and new life (and hope) begins to bloom.

Who doesn’t love blooming flowers, rainboots, mud, birds chirping, sunny skies, and the Easter Bunny?

Okay, maybe I don’t love the mud.

But still, it’s a pretty fantastic time of year.

And with spring comes Easter!


So what can kids do to celebrate this bunnylicious holiday?

Enter: Free printable Easter coloring pages for kids.

Choose from the Easter Bunny, fun eggs, baby chicks, and more! These coloring pages are a great way to relax and unwind this Easter. These cute Easter coloring pages for kids are completely free (no opt-in required) and fun too.


Are you getting eggcited?


Snag your free Easter coloring printables below.

Printable Easter coloring pages for kids

What’s Included With These Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages

This sweet set of free adorable Easter coloring pages includes 6 coloring sheets for you to choose from (or use them all). There are bunny printable coloring pages, chick coloring pages, and some egg coloring pages too.

Coloring is perfect because it’s an easy activity for all ages and for varying sizes of groups.

And this kit has everything you need to make Easter eggmazing!

How To Use These Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages

Simply click below where it says to download, save to your computer, print and use. It’s really that simple.

Oh, and don’t forget to be creative and have fun.

Free printable easter coloring pages

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must have

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Types of Easter Coloring Pages for Kids

Easter Bunny Coloring Pages


Easter Chicks Coloring Page

Easter Chick Coloring Pages

Easter Egg coloring Pages

I hope you love these free Easter coloring pages as much as we do. Click below and these free printables are yours to download.


Easter coloring pages free printables

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Gratitude Bingo Cards

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Last Chance to Get Your Easter Bunny Coloring Pages

Did you snag your free Easter coloring pages?

If not, here’s the link one more time!

Perfect, have a hoppy good time!

Free Easter coloring pages printables

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