21+ Beautiful Family Easter Traditions

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Inside: Hop on into these fun family Easter traditions. If you are looking for easy ways to make Easter special for your kids and unique ways to celebrate Easter with kids, we’ve listed 20 egglicious ideas.

This Easter, celebrate the arrival of spring and the history of Easter with these fun family Easter traditions.

You might already have a few Easter traditions, like going to church, cooking a ham, or having an Easter egg hunt, but there are other awesome ideas that are super easy and fun that you’ll definitely want to make a tradition!

And all of 21 of these family Easter traditions will never go out of style.


If you are looking for ways to make Easter special for your kids in 2021, look no further than these 21 unique and time-tested ways to celebrate Easter with the kids.

Let’s hop onto into some fun family Easter traditions!

Easter Traditions for Families
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21 Family Easter Traditions

1. Create your own Family Easter Traditions

Spring traditions with kids

Perhaps you are looking for some new Easter traditions to try?

Traditions can be whatever you want them to be.

The main point here is that whatever traditions you choose, choose. Traditions are SO important for families.

Here’s a few cute Easter tradition ideas you can make your own:

  • Make Easter shaped breakfast
  • Fly Kites – An old good Friday tradition originally from Bermuda
  • Go to church
  • Make hot cross buns
  • Leave a carrot out for the Easter Bunny

2. Go for a family walk

Mindful Walking

Springtime is one of my favourite times to head out for a walk.

It’s that refreshing season where everything is changing, blooming new life (and new promise).

And we need this, especially after a long, dark winter.

Taking a springtime walk is literally like taking a breath of fresh air.

So, this Easter, put on the rubber boots, listen to those birds singing and smell those daisies.

Plus: You can put an exciting twist on a simple walk. Make it a safari adventure.

3. Ditch the devices

Conversation starters for kids

Like any holiday, Easter is a time to connect with your loved ones. And that’s hard to do when everyone’s nose is in their phones.

Make it a screen-free day. Heck, even lock up the devices. This is a break everyone likely needs (including you!)

You could also take it one step further and pull out these super fun Conversation Starters to use during Easter dinner (and continue using them for every dinner thereafter).

This set includes 100+ fun and engaging questions. Snag them right here!

4. Have an outdoor egg fight

You could start a bizarre Easter tradition of having an outdoor egg hunt!

In some regions this is actually considered a sport!

This is a fun way to make Easter special at home with kids this year.

Simple instructions:
1.Everyone selects a hard-boiled egg (dyed of course!)
2. Two players ‘fight’ each other
3. One person grasps the egg tightly in their hand (revealing only the tip) while the other knocks their own egg against it
4. The battle is lost once both ends of the egg are cracked.
5. The winner moves on to the next round

Or you could just let loose and head out to the backyard with unboiled eggs, close your eyes and throw! Your kids will love this. Just be prepared for a shower after.

5. Learn about Easter

Take some time and teach your kids what Easter means.

Here at this helpful site, you can learn what Easter is. Where the name comes from. Why the bunny? And all sorts of other fun facts and cool traditions.

Autumn-Themed Gratitude Activities.

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6. Plant Something

How to Make Easter special for kids

Spring is blooming, so brighten up your yard (and enjoy the colorful display all summer long) by planting a few blooming plants.

For spring gardens I love pansies, lilies’, tulips, marigolds, and petunias. 

7. Bake Easter goodies

Baking easter cookies

Slap on the apron (and how about a fun Easter apron) and break out the mixer! Whether you go all out and make a bunny-shaped cake or just stick with some fun egg or chick cookies, baking easter goodies is a must!

Easter Apron

A few of my favourite Easter baking recipes:

8. Take an Easter family picture

Easter family photo

The pastel colors of Easter makes for some super sweet family pictures.

You can find hats with floppy and wide brims, add some colorful ribbons or flowers to capture the spring mood.

You could also frame your picture in a fun Easter themed frame.

9. Easter Egg Hunt

Ways to Make Easter Special for Kids

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without an egg-stra special Easter egg hunt. Easter egg hunts are classic and fun for kids of any age.

It’s simple, hide eggs around your house and have your kids race around to find them.


You could make it an Easter egg scavenger hunt. (More on this below). Start by slipping a clue into one egg, then lead that egg to another egg with another clue until your kids uncover the big Bunny surprise.

Pro Tip

If you love connecting with your family then you will just go bonkers for our 45 fun family night ideas (to use all year round) or our epic guide to spending quality time with your kids.

10. Grow magic jelly beans

This is one of my favorite Easter ideas with young kids.

When the Easter Bunny comes, have him leave some magic jelly beans. Then, take these magic jelly beans and plant them in the garden outside.

Dig a tiny hold, put in the beans, water them and come back tomorrow. While your kiddo is asleep insert some lollipops where the beans were planted. Just picture your little one’s eyes growing wide and they see that the garden has sprouted some magical lollipops.  (Or one giant lollipop)


Your kids will go hopping happy for this one!

11. Easter Gratitude Journal  

Like any time of the year, Easter is another time to practice the life-changing habits of gratitude.

Have your kids say three things every day they are grateful for and watch your lives change in remarkable ways.

If you love anything gratitude, then you might love our BIG guide on the best gratitude activities for kids (and how to teach it to kids).

You can grab our gratitude kit for kids here which includes 40+ pages of journals, worksheets and activities.

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12. Visit a local farm

Oink oink, Doodle doodle. Why not take a tour of a local farm. Pick up some fresh eggs and learn about the animals?

Many local farms also offer epic egg hunts that are perfect for the kids and adults.

In these trying times you could also go visit a virtual farm. Check out this neat idea here.

13. Easter crafts

Decorating Easter Eggs With Kids

You can make floppy-eared bunnies and adorable yellow chicks from pretty much anything! Think egg cartons, clothes pins, cotton balls, construction paper, paper plates…

Below are two quality sites to find your best Easter craft ideas for 2021:

 14. Painting easter eggs

Easter traditions with kids

Is it really Easter if you don’t decorate eggs?

This century-old tradition is inexpensive, fun, and dipping eggs in brightly colored dye and watching it take hold is a true fun experience.

Buy a kit or make your own, either way, kids of all ages will enjoy this Easter classic.

 15. Reading Easter books

There’s always an excuse to cuddle up and read stories with your little ones.

Here are five of my favourite Easter books for kids:

  1. Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure

    Pete jumps in to help the Easter Bunny in Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure—which comes complete with a poster, stickers, and a set of punch-out card.

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    03/07/2024 12:37 pm GMT
  2. It's Not Easy Being a Bunny (Beginner Books(R))

    It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny tells the “tail” of P.J. and his quest to become something other than what he is. Is it more fun to be a bear, a bird, or a pig? Read along as P.J. tries to determine who he is—and where he belongs.

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    03/07/2024 01:57 pm GMT
  3. The Good Egg

    Meet the good egg. He’s a verrrrrry good egg indeed.

    As the other eggs in the dozen behave badly, the good egg starts to crack from all the pressure of feeling like he has to be perfect. So, he decides enough is enough! It’s time for him to make a change…

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    03/07/2024 03:02 pm GMT
  4. God Gave Us Easter

    A delightful illustrated picture book for readers ages 3 and up, God Gave Us Easter features the adorable polar bear Little Cub, talking with her father and learning about God's design for the Easter season and what it really means.

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    03/07/2024 04:02 pm GMT

16. Making easter baskets

Easter Basket traditions

Who doesn’t love gifting cute Easter baskets to their family filled with candy and goodies?

Hands up in the air waving madly!

There are make your own Easter basket idea’s all over the net. But here’s a roundup from The Pioneer Woman with some unique and amazing ideas.

17. Easter egg scavenger hunt

Easter Traditions With Kids

I’m obsessed with anything scavenger hunt.

And honestly kids are too. They go bunnyanana’s for anything scavenger hunt.

Basically, you hide eggs around your home or backyard. Insert clues into eggs that lead your kids to the next egg. They keep finding eggs until they reveal the BIG surprise.

Head on over to Happiness is Homemade and snag this free printable Scavenger Hunt Kit (with full instructions).

If you want to make it a virtual scavenger hunt, set up a video chat and have grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles follow along.

18. Easter brunch

This is a must do family Easter tradition in my house.

There are so many things you could make for a delicious Easter brunch, hot cross buns, stuffed leg of lamb, honey butter ham, Irish lamb stew.

Personally, I love to put on my Sunday best (and my pastel purple and green floral scarf) and eat Ham and all the fixings.

Or, in non-COVID times, treat yourself to no dishes and have brunch out!

19. Watch Easter Movies

Holiday movies are another one of my personal favorite traditions.

A few Easter movies worth checking out:

  1. Hop
  2. It’s the Easter Beagle (Charlie Brown)
  3. Alvin and the Chipmunks (The mystery of the Easter chipmunk)
  4. Bugs Bunny Easter Funnies

20. Decorate

Snag this free set of Easter coloring pages right here. You can color your hearts out and then hang the pictures on the windows or fridge.

Or you could snag some non-toxic fun window decals and really welcome the Easter bunny!

21. Egg Time Machine (Last Family Easter Tradition but Certainly Not Least)

This might be my favourite Easter tradition of all to celebrate Easter with kids.

Encourage your child to write a letter to themselves (and you write one to yourself too), then fold it up and put it in a plastic egg. Next Easter you can read your letter.

Kids will be amazed to see how they have grown and it’s neat to catch a glimpse of your past self.

Final thoughts on Easter Traditions for Families

Easter is a time of hope, new life, awesome colors and chocolate.

If you want to make Easter special for your kids, I just know these ideas will help you.

You can surprise your kids and create lifelong memories (that will maybe even be carried on for generations).

I’d love to hear what your favorite family Easter traditions are below?

P.S – Don’t forget to snag your free Easter coloring pages right here.


Fun Family Easter Traditions


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