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The Mindfulness Secrets below are GUARANTEED to bring peace, happiness, and awareness to your life.

We need to relax more and I don’t mean lay on the couch with a bag of chips.  We need to take a look at the world as it really is, rest the busyness of our minds.

We are in an unprecedented era of anxiety and mental health issues.  Our lives are like elastic bands, we are stretching them to the point of snapping, and it’s going to hurt!

Bring some stillness to your life and feel the elastic relax.

100 Mindfulness Exercises to Improve Your life

1.  Breathe, Breathe, Breathe

2. When climbing stairs feel your feet on the floor, pay attention to your muscles moving you forward.

3.  When you feel yourself get angry say:  My mind is experiencing unpleasantness.

4.  Take some time to smell freshly brewed coffee or baked bread.

5.  When reaching for a snack have a look at your mind.  Are you bored?  Anxious? Angry? Sad or Hungry?

6.  Mindfully do laundry and other forms of cleaning. Give relaxed attention to your hand movements or the sensations in your hands. The slower you work the easier it is.

7.  Watch the leaves fall from the trees in autumn.  Examine the colour and smells.

8.  Play with a cat or dog.  Spending time with your pets will bring you into the present moment.

9.  Go people watching. Give relaxed attention to what you see without thinking or commenting about it.

10.  Breathe, Breathe, Breathe

11.  Bring attention to what it feels like to wash the dishes.  Pay attention to your movements and the sounds and the sensation of the water on your hands.

12.  Eat mindfully. Give relaxed attention to the tastes and textures of the food and chew and swallow slowly.

13.  Brush your teeth mindfully. Give relaxed attention to the hand movements or the sensations in the mouth.

14.  Dress and undress mindfully. Give relaxed attention to the body movements or the sensation of the clothes against your body.

15.  When you’re listening to someone, listen mindfully, pay attention to what they are saying and vow to not interrupt.  Just listen.

16.  Light a candle and watch the flicker of the light.

17. Look for opportunities where others might see nothing.

18. Find lessons where others might only see problems.

19. Do not allow fear to control you.  Make love based decisions.

20.  Breathe Breathe Breathe

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21. Contemplate questions with deep exploration rather than looking for a shallow field of answers.

22.  Stop complaining.

23.  Don’t blame others or make excuses.

24.  Be a life-long learner.

25.  Know that money is a tool and ultimately, it’s just another resource.

26.  Be secure in your sense of self-worth.

27.  Be generous and kind.

28.  Admit mistakes and apologize.

29.  Be adaptable and embrace change.

30.  Breathe Breathe Breathe

31. Examine the intricacies of a flower, the petals, the colors, the lines.

32.  Be mindful while standing. Give relaxed attention to the pressure on your feet or what it feels like to stand.

33. Walk barefoot, the slower you walk the easier it is. How does the ground feel? Is it hot, cold, rough or smooth? Give relaxed attention to the sensations in the souls of your feet. Only practice for as long as the mind is fresh.

34. Root your feet into the earth and push your energy downward.

35. Stay in shape physically and eat a balanced diet.

36. Work and play hard, but also take time for rest.

37. Be resilient.

38.  Relax your jaw.

39. Listen mindfully to rain, thunder or other nature sounds.

40.  Breathe, Breathe, Breathe

41.  Open and close doors mindfully as opposed to habitually. Give relaxed attention to your body movements while opening and closing doors.

42.  Feel the tingling sensation in your hands and feet, feel their aliveness.  Now feel that sensation throughout your entire body.

43. Sit on a stool, sofa, rock or even in the grass. What does it feel like?  Is the surface soft, hard, cool or warm? Become aware of the pressure against your bottom. Give relaxed attention to the sensation of sitting.

44.  Do one thing at a time, slowly, deliberately and mindfully.

45.  Focus on what you are doing and complete each task before moving onto the next.

46.  Quiet the mind, when your mind wanders gently pull it back to the present moment.  Don’t allow yourself to get consumed by worry of the past or the future.

47.  Practice meditation.

48.  Go for walks in nature as often as you can, inhale the fresh air and take in the aliveness.

49.  Before getting out of bed take 5 minutes to practice deep breathing and quiet the mind.  Also do this for 5 minutes before you try to fall asleep.

50.  Breathe, Breathe Breathe

51.  Envision difficult people as your spiritual teachers.

52.  Understand that everyone is battling their own delusions, take it easy on the judgments of others.

53.  Learn to forgive.  Even when you didn’t get the apology you feel you deserve.

54.  Nurture your friendships. Water them and carefully treat them with respect.

55.  Try to see the good in your co-workers.

56.  Smile

57.  Laugh

58.  Try to look at items around you without labels.  Try to envision the plant as not a “plant” but a vibrant and alive life form.

59.  Show compassion for animals.  They are sentient beings capable of thought, feelings and reasoning.

60.  Breathe, Breathe, Breathe

61.  Change your routine, stop rushing to get through your day.  Make time to do one thing you love each and every day.  Renew and refresh your life.

62.  Wake up early and go to bed early.

63.  Read at least one book by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Recommended: Full Catastrophe Living (Revised Edition): Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness

64.  Read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

Recommended: A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (Oprah’s Book Club, Selection 61)

65.  When you’re in the shower feel the water trickling over your body.

66.  Lie down on your back and practice lying down meditation.  Allow your body to relax, pay attention to each part of your body and breathe deeply.

67.  Talk to others with mindfulness, don’t put others down, manipulate or condescend.

68.  Treat the environment with respect.  It is our house.

69.  Feel.  Allow yourself to feel sad, angry, happy, hurt, disappointed.  Feel all of these emotions, but then let them go, don’t cling.

70. Breathe, Breathe, Breathe

71.  Practice Yoga.

72.  When life gets tough don’t take it personally.

73.  Love yourself unconditionally.

74.  Consider that life is a journey, not a destination.

75.  Let everything become your teacher.

76.  Change your perspective, change your world.

77.  Check in with your mind.  What are you thinking and why?  Can you let it go?

78.  Say please and thank-you.

79.  Stand up straight.

80.  Breathe, Breathe, Breathe

81.  Tell your partner 5 things about them that you love.  View your partner with new eyes.

82.  Practice mindfulness in shorts bursts.  Soon it will become a habit.

83.  Accept the things you can not change.

84.  Be nice to strangers.  Send someone a genuine smile.

85.  Try to stop yourself from snapping at your kids or pets.

86.  Practice patience acceptance.  Learn to breathe and count to 10 when anger and frustration creep in.

87.  Give yourself a mindfulness reminder (an alarm, a symbol), something throughout your day that will remind you to stop practice and breathe.

88.  Practice gratitude, for the big and small things in your life.

89.  Try to find one good thing about someone you dislike.

90.  Breathe, Breathe, Breathe

91.  Learn what your passions are and make time to practice them.

92.  Relax the space between your eyebrows.  Let the tension fall from your shoulders.  Relax your stomach muscles.

93.  Watch the sunset.

94.  Tell those you love how much they mean to you.

95.  Strive to achieve your goals, but remember to find peace in the here and now.

96.  Just be.

97.   Turn off the TV, radio and phone.  Don’t be afraid of the quiet.

98.  Enjoy stillness.

99.  Live right now. In this moment. This oneNot that last moment — it’s over. Don’t worry about the future, don’t worry about right now, live right now – this is your life.

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What mindfulness secrets can you think of that will help you to live a happy, peaceful, meaningful life?  Please comment below.

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