The Zen of Dogs: 15 Life Lessons from Dogs

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Inside: 15 valuable life lessons from dogs guaranteed to make you think!

“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and  infants.” ~ Johnny Depp

I recently watched an inspiring movie called Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. This true story depicts loyalty at it’s rarest form.

Movie Description:  Richard Gere takes in a young puppy named Hachi who has been abandoned, this movie will wind you on an inspiring, emotional journey through Hachi’s life.  As the movie description states: This film is not sappy but “heartfelt and immensely powerful.”  Be prepared to be moved to tears.

I am known to tear up occasionally during a movie, but I wouldn’t consider myself a huge crier.   Let me tell you, at one point during this movie I looked over at my husband, and not only were we both crying but we were both actually sobbing. 

Maybe this due to my zany love for animals, but what’s his excuse? During my shower the next morning my mind wandered off to the movie and unexpectedly, standing in the shower, I broke out into tears again!

This movie has inspired this post. I’m going to tell you 15 life lessons from dogs.

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15 life lessons from dogs

Did I mention yet that I love dogs?

1.  Looks can be deceiving

Don’t judge a book by its cover; a very big man or woman can be hiding inside any body.

Big Dog, Little Dog

2.  Allow fresh air and wind in your face whenever possible

Dogs truly do know how to live in the moment.  I don’t stick my head out the car window, but I try to appreciate the spring smells and fresh air. 

Dogs aren’t thinking about tomorrow, they are excited about this very moment all the time. 

You can be too.


3.  Be loyal

If only we could all be the person our dogs think we are. 

When you think you’ve lost everything; take a good look around, I guarantee your dog will still be there, full of love and admiration.

mmmm.. Yummeh!

4.  Never to pretend to be something your not

Dogs don’t care what other dogs think.  They have adorable personalities and we love them for it. 

Embrace your own adorable personality.

Pug Dog

5.  You are never too old to play

Life is short, so have fun and stop taking everything so seriously.

And remember, no matter your age, you can be young at heart!

life lessons from dogs

6.  When loved ones come home always greet them

Take an opportunity every day to tell those who mean the most to you that you are happy to see them.

When your family comes home why not greet them with a warm smile and perhaps a big bear hug!

life lessons from dogs

7.  Stretch before rising

This is a good one to follow especially as we get older. 

I often see my dog stretching into ‘downward facing dog,’ it makes me smile every time.

life lessons from dogs

8.  Avoid biting when growling will do

Stand up for yourself, of course, that is important, but there is no need to be unnecessarily aggressive or harmful.

sunny smile

9.  Forgive

Don’t hold grudges, even if someone hurts you, you have the choice to forgive.

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10.  Show compassion

Dogs are kind souls, full of compassion and love.  In times where I have been upset my dog is the first one to cuddle and comfort me.


11.  Trust your instincts

Trust your initial instincts of a situation or person, before you let the mental chatter in your mind tell you your wrong. 

Your gut instinct is usually correct.

I Love You!

12.  Things don’t matter

A dog can have the best time with an old worn-out ball. 

You can find joy in small things.  Lose your obsessions over materiality.

life lessons from dogs

13.  Go for walks every day

Dogs are oddly excited by going for walks whereas some days I feel have to convince myself to go. 

Appreciate the opportunity to get outside and be within nature; take in the smells, sights, and sounds.

Walking the dog

14.  Love unconditionally

Love yourself, your friends, your kids, your family, your job, your community and most of all love mother earth.


15. Get lots of rest

You know the old saying, let sleeping dogs lie. 

Dogs love to sleep and we shouldn’t downplay our need for rest either.

life lessons from dogs

Please add to this list any life lessons from dogs that you’ve learned.   I’d love to hear from all the animal lovers out there.

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