All About Me Worksheets & Activities (Fillable) Perfect for Classroom or Home

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Inside: All About Me worksheets, All About Me poster, and All About Me activities perfect for the classroom or home.

Are you looking for preschool All About Me activities? How about All About Me Worksheets for Kindergarten or elementary kids?

We’ve got something suitable for every age and stage!

All About Me activities are perfect for the beginning of the school year.

But here’s the thing:

They can also be used as a fun activity (that teaches a growth mindset) any time of the year, at home, or in the classroom.

I can’t think of a better way to learn about your students, or child or even to help your child learn about themselves than with a fun All About Me theme.

What makes them unique? What’s their favorite food? Color? Favorite T.V. show?

And while these questions might seem simple, they help get your kiddo’s imagination flowing and the conversations going.

You can use All About Me Worksheets at kids’ parties, rainy day activities, first day of school memorabilia, teacher lesson plans (and more). The possibilities are endless.

Kids love this, parents love this, and teachers love this too.

We also have a free first-day-of-school sign you can snag at the end of this post.

So, let’s get into some fun low-prep All About Me activity ideas. We’ll start with a gorgeous All About Me poster!

All About me Worksheets

All About Me Activities for the Classroom (Kindergarten to Grade Six)

We’ve gathered up our top 10 All About Me activities kids will go bonkers for! These fun activities will help break the ice on that first school day. Or, use them as a fun home growth mindset activity.

Mindfulness activities for kids preview set.

Gain access to our library of free printables!

Because we all want our kids to be happy and healthy — not just for right now, but for the rest of their lives.

1. All About Me Printable Poster

All About Me Worksheets

This All About Me Poster (PDF) is the perfect addition to your classroom or home.

This poster is included in our All About Me Mini Book, which includes ten engaging worksheets (more on that below).

You can print this All About Me PDF Printable and have your kiddos handwrite their answers or fill it in digitally.

You choose what works for YOU and your students or kids!

For some added flair, there’s a portrait frame where kids can add a digital photo or draw a picture.

All About Me Printables

This All About Me poster has space for your students or kids to fill in the following:

  • Name
  • Grade
  • Age
  • Favorite color
  • Pets
  • Things I love
  • When I grow up
  • Favorite animal
  • Favorite food
  • Best friends
  • School
  • Teacher
Fillable Back to School Printables

2. All About Me Worksheets (Mini Book)

(From the How Bright is Your Light Growth Mindset Series).

This All About Me printable pack was created for teachers and parents to use with preschoolers or grade-schoolers. (Kindergarten to grade 6)

It includes the All About Me Poster from above and nine other worksheets to get your classroom engaging and learning about each other during the first week of school.

Note: This mini workbook is also a fun activity to do at home, or at kids’ parties.

All About Me Worksheets

So, while these printables are perfect back-to-school worksheets, they are also perfect for parents too.

Pro Tip

Have your child complete the mini-book each year. You’ll love seeing the difference in their drawings and answers.

A few of the All About Me Printables:

These All About Me pdf printables are totally fillable.

If you are looking for All About Me Kindergarten or All About Me preschool worksheets, I’d suggest printing these and having kids fill them in by hand. Young kids might struggle using the digital fillable option.

You choose what works for you!


All about me printables for kids

This All About Me Mini Book Includes the following worksheets:

  • All About Me Poster
  • Self Portrait
  • Family Portrait
  • My Happy Place
  • My Time Capsule
  • My Superpowers
  • My Handprint
  • My Secret Space
  • The Things I Love
  • The Colors of my Rainbow
PDF All About Me Printables

3. Dry Erase Portraits

Another fun and low prep All About Me Activity (and I think this is the perfect All About Me activity for kindergarteners) is to take a blank sheet of paper or use one of the self-portrait frames from our All About Me Mini Book and laminate it. You can then use dry-erase markers and have kids draw a picture of themselves.

Another fun variation is to have the kids use stickers, markers, and playdough to let their inner Picasso shine.

4. Family Portrait Collage Art

I love this idea over at Rainy Day Mum. It’s a family collage portrait.

You can create some memorable artwork here, folks!

You can also take the Family Portrait frame from the All About Me Mini Book and get creative. Have kids draw their family, insert a digital picture, or use crafts supplies to create a picture.

5. Trace foot or hand and measure it

Kids will love tracing their feet or hand.

(If you’re the daring type, let them use paint and make footprints or hands).

I suggest cardstock paper (it’s more durable and not as flimsy).

To add an educational twist to this classic activity, have kids measure their foot or hand afterward and write the measurement on the page.

A handprint template is included in the All About Me Themed Mini Book.

6. Dot stickers name

I’m obsessed with anything stickers.

Cut out construction paper squares or use stickers with letters on them, and ask your kiddos to spell out their name on a piece of paper.

They can color around their name and add some flare. Think glitter, stickers, paint, cutouts. Then, kids can hang their name creations over their cubby or desk.

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7. Fingerprints

I’m obsessed with this idea. So much so that I want to do it myself.

Ink your little people’s fingers with a stamp pad and make little fingerprints on paper.


What about turning your little fingerprints into little monsters using googly eyes, stickers, crayons, and glitter?

8. Getting to know me

Have kids sit in a circle or take turns at the front of the class and present three special things about themselves.

Do they have brothers or sisters? Do they love ice cream? What’s their favorite activity?

Young kids especially love telling cute stories from their lives. “Hello, my name is Jackson, and I have one wiggly tooth and a pet fish.”

Check out these awesome Compliments for Kids right here.

9. Show and Tell

Send a brown paper lunch bag home with your students. (Write their name on the bag.)

Ask kids to fill up this lunch bag with 3 of their favorite small things from home. It could be a picture, a small figurine, a rock they painted, a small Lego creation, or their favorite fidget spinner.

Kids can get creative with this.

Each student will then present their bag and their favorite things to the class.

10. All About Me Collage

Send kids home with a piece of blank construction paper and have kids create an All About Me collage (with their grownup’s help); they can use pictures from a magazine, books, greeting cards, or simply have kids draw things that best reflect their personality and the things they love or want to do.

You can also send kids home with our All About Me Poster to fill out by hand or digitally. (These sheets are fillable).

What a special keepsake for parents.

classroom all about me poster
Classroom All About Me Printables

All About Me books

2. Amazing Me

Coming soon (Spring of 2021)

Final Thoughts on All About Me Worksheet Printables

I’m sure you’ll find a few All About Me activities here suitable for your classroom (or fun home activity).

Don’t forget to snag your All About Me printable set, perfect for preschoolers to grade-schoolers and perfect for home or classroom.

All About Me Bundle

all about me activities

Gain access to our library of free printables!

Because we all want our kids to be happy and healthy — not just for right now, but for the rest of their lives.

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