Coping Skills + BIG Emotions

We all know that little children have VERY big emotions. And until their brains mature and are better able to reason, it’s our job to help them learn appropriate coping skills.

For kids, something as simple as a change in routine or a sock that doesn’t quite feel right can trigger a landslide of anxiety and stress. And these feelings are very real, and very scary for our kids.

But here’s the thing:

We can help our children develop healthy coping skills, skills that will not only help them right now but skills that will stay with them throughout their entire lives.

We have TONS of resources to help your kids (and you) control stress, anxiety, anger, AND help us discover our happy nature underneath it all.

Below are a number of helpful and in-depth articles for you to peruse. Alongside these resources, and if you are ready for real change, I’d suggest our Anger Kit for Kids, Anxiety Kit for Kids, or Calming Corner Big Bundle. Any or all of these might be a good fit for you. (These resources are used by many teachers and therapists).

So welcome! Take a deep breath; stay awhile. I’m hopeful that the weight in the pit of your stomach will finally relax because you now have a plan to help your kiddo…and it all starts with one small step forward.