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Welcome to my recommendations page!

I’ve created a list of tools and products that have helped me and my kids out greatly in creating a balanced life.

I created this page to feature the “best of the best” when it comes to running a happy and mindful household. We also focus a lot on emotional regulation and anxiety relief.

These are services I have personally used and highly recommend because they are great quality and are super easy to use.

I’ve also included a few of my favourite blogging resources and tools, so if you’re a blogger wondering how I keep things running…see below.

If you have questions about any of the tools on this list, please reach out to me on the contact page. I’d love to chat.

*This list contains affiliate links for products I love. I may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of my links, at no extra cost to you. For my full disclaimer, please click here.*


FREE — Have you signed up for Ibotta yet? It’s one of my favorite money-making apps, and it’s a great way to save money on groceries and more—without clipping coupons!

Free Grocery Saving App!

This free app that gives you rebates for generic brand purchases at the grocery store is a no-brainer (and how I paid for extra xmas gifts while still paying off debt.)

Login and check out which stores in your area offer cash back. (You can get cash back from 275 different stores — including Target, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Kroger, Publix, Food Lion, Costco, Dollar Tree, Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, and many, many more. No matter where you live, there should definitely be some stores that offer cash back offers from iBotta in your area!)


Muse gives you feedback about your meditation in real time by translating your brain signals into the sounds of wind. When your mind is calm and settled, you hear calm and settled winds. When your mind is active the winds will pick up and blow.

It's innovative, and very cool. I love it! Check out the website!

The Brain Sensing Headband

Muse is your personal meditation assistant. This sort of cool….while you meditate…the headband uses brain-sensing technology to measure whether your mind is calm or active, and translates those signals into guiding sounds.

Put on your Muse headband and headphones……launch the app, close your eyes and immerse yourself within the sounds of a beach or rain-forest.

Muse is a little pricey at the $249 price point, (and I can’t stress enough that you definitely don’t need this, or anything else to meditate) it’s like the icing on the cake, unnecessary but if within your means, a nice treat. If you are a person who loves gadgets and neat ways to further your practice, I would recommend this for you.

Get it here:  Muse, The Brain Sensing Headband.

Big Life Journal

$24. This growth mindset journal empowers children to face challenges with confidence, embrace mistakes, and know they can learn anything!

Life Changing Journal For Kids!

I’m in love with all of the products over at the Big Life Journal. I’ve personally purchased their journal for kids and teens and they are fabulous.

Featuring a new and interesting topic every week, the Big Life Journal develops strong Social and Emotional Learning and growth mindset skills through inspiring stories, colorful illustrations, and engaging guided activities. 

Aside from their products if you sign up for their email list you will get quality FREE printables every Friday delivered to you mail box.

Frioxion Pens

Frixion Pens

$9. Introducing FriXion Ball Clicker- the world’s first retractable, erasable gel ink pen. The FriXion line of pens write smoothly and erase cleanly so you can erase every ‘oops’ (the written ones, at least). FriXion offers you unlimited do-overs so you can write, erase, and re-write until you get it right, without any wear or tear to the paper or messy eraser crumbs.

Life Changing Pens!

I once heard these pens referred to as life changing and I admit, I rolled my eyes. But one year later, I’m shouting from the rooftops about these pens. THESE ARE AMAZING. These brightly colored planner pens ERASE COMPLETELY. As in, they erase better than a pencil. They’re amazing and I love them. They are usually cheapest on Amazon. 

**If your ink disappears, it means the paper got too hot, stick it in the freezer. Weird, I know, but effective.

Mighty Mindful Kids

$8.99. In a simple and accessible way, Mighty Mindful Kids provides 40 easy mindfulness activities that you can engage in right away. It teaches children to calm down, wake up happier and fall asleep more easily, diminish worry, diffuse anger, enhance relationships and become kinder. Each page provides colorful, easy-to-follow steps for each practice.

Learn Parenting Super Powers

This is Mindfulmazing’s BEST SELLING mindfulness printable guide for kids. When I was searching for a way to help my son with his “spirited” personality, I couldn’t find the perfect resource, so I decided to create it. This book includes 40 simple (yet effective) easy- to-apply exercises that kids ages 2 to 10 will love. It’s available to you digitally.

Mindfulness—accepting each moment and living fully present in the moment. Mental health professionals are raving about the healing properties of mindfulness and this book is a great way to introduce this amazing practice to your little ones. 

Ultimate Stress Relief

I personally recommend this power packed guided meditation bundle: Ultimate Stress Relief Bundle Pack. Includes four guided meditations and four meditation music downloads valued at $72.60 Bundle Price: $29.95 (save 60%).

Guided Meditations

When I first started meditating I used The Guided Meditation site (alot) to help calm my mind and learn the basics. You have access to hundreds of meditation guides.

The guided meditation site offers:

A free guided meditation download.
An ever expanding range of guided meditation downloads.
Brainwave entertainment music downloads.
Meditation music downloads.
Sleep music downloads.
Positive Affirmation downloads. 

They take great pride in offering high quality audio productions. If you want peace of mind, health and personal growth, look no further.

Mindfulmazing's Worry Journal

$12.99. A worry journal is a type of cognitive behavioural therapy known to significantly ease symptoms of anxiety. It can help you to learn to embrace challenges, to persevere, and to move away from your worries and grow.

Mindfulmazing’s Worry Journal

Craving a resource that offers a solution to the chaos and anxiety of your busy life and mind? Move away from your worries and anxieties and start living peacefully with Mindfulmazing’s inspiringinteractive and colorful printable journal. This journal is designed to break down your worries into manageable steps, it’s 125 whopping pages filled with prompts, questions, quotes, tips, positive affirmations, and creative spaces to ensure you cultivate a calmer, confident, and peaceful mindset every day.

Living Well Planner

$44. Discover the Balance You Crave. Let’s face it—life can get a little crazy sometimes! We all feel it—that pressure to perform and to keep up, day in, and day out. There is so much to do and never enough time, and sometimes it feels like we are so busy just surviving that there’s not any room left for our big goals and dreams. But what if there was a solution to the chaos?

Best Life Planner

 So much more than just a pretty calendar, the Living Well Planner® is an all-in-one resource designed to help you organize your whole life, not just your schedule.  It was designed to help you take back your time, and to allow you to focus on your long-term goals while still navigating the daily, weekly, and monthly responsibilities of running your home.

From organizing your schedule and planning your days to managing your finances and crushing your goals, the Living Well Planner® is the sanity saver you’ve been waiting for.

Buddha Groove

Buddha Grove

Feed the spirit. Inspire the mind. Revive the body.

Over at Buddha Grove you will find products that feed the spirit, inspire the mind and revive the body.

From original sculpture to artisan jewelry, from feel-good gifts to yoga and meditation supplies, Buddha Groove is dedicated to maintaining a meaningful collection that inspires peace, happiness and mindful existence in the present moment.

This site is built for all- regardless of personal knowledge, spiritual background or experience. We believe that there should be no prerequisite for feeling good, and today is a great day to start. Welcome to Buddha Groove. 

Cozi Family Planner App

FREE. Discover the Balance You Crave. You’ll wonder how you managed family life before Cozi.

Keep Your Life Organized!

The must-have app for families.

Cozi is free, easy-to-use, and a 3-time Mom’s Choice Award Winner.

With Cozi you can:

  • Keep events and activities all in one place
  • Keep and share the grocery list in real time
  • Store recipes, plan meals, and shop for ingredients
  • Use from any mobile device or computer

Tweak Me V2 Theme

$69 with lifetime support. Since I purchased this theme I have not had to touch ONE line of code. Not one line. I went through numerous themes prior to this one, including the Genesis theme and Avada, and NOTHING compares to Tweak Me.

Tweak Me V2 Theme by Nose Graze

I honestly don’t think a better WordPress theme for beginners exists. You can do ANYTHING with the Tweak Me V2 theme, without having to get into custom coding (perfect for people who are code challenged like me!)

I’m telling you, I spent hours (I’m embarrassed to admit how many) tweaking code on various themes trying to change a font or a box style. I almost gave up on my blog at one point, then I almost switched to squarespace. Frustrated I went in search of easily customizable themes that look great!

This one is a winner. You won’t be disappointed with Tweak me.

They also have other amazing themes, a magazine style theme (Catherine theme), and a minimalist theme (Syliva theme), just to name a few.

Creative Market

Creative Market is a fabulous place to get fonts, pictures, mockups and anything design related.

I use it a ton to create my free printables (and for fonts for my Pinterest Pins too).

I’ve also purchased many mockups from creative market.

Creative Market is affordable and amazing. You won’t be disappointed.

Blue Host

$2.95/mo with a free domain name. It's affordable and has amazing customer service. I chose the 36 month plan, it works out to be a lot cheaper than $5.95 per month for a 12 month plan. It will help keep you in the right mindset.Fill in your payment information and bam! You're good to go. You are now a blogger!

The Only Hosting Service You Need!

Self-hosted WordPress is my favorite blogging platform by far, hosting was very scary for me, when I started out I had not idea what it even was! But thankfully, it’s quick and easy to get set up with BlueHost.

I’ve tried a few different hosting services over the years, and Bluehost is the one I recommend (and use). (GoDaddy made my site so slow, HostGator had limited support)  Bluehost’s live chat team is unbelievable. They have walked me through many techical issues.

Head to BlueHost’s homepage. Hit the green button that says “get started now” and you’ll be redirected to a page outlining their different hosting plans. I recommend the cheapest plan to get started. You can always upgrade later if your site starts to take off. Hit select on the starter plan and you’ll be sent to a page to type your chosen domain name.

The Only Cleaning Products I Use

Natural household and personal care products

Enjoy a free $35 Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Set with your first order.

I’m obsessed with this line of cleaning products. I love knowing I’m not doing anything harmful to my family (and they smell wonderful too).

Includes our popular Anxiety Kit for Kids and our newest Anger Rescue Kit!

This super bundle gives kids the tools to find appropriate ways to calm down when big emotions strike!

These kits will help kids to cool off, break the tension of any stressful moment, and recognize and control their emotions when BIG feelings strike.

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